Randy's Reflections
June 2, 2017, 4:57 PM

Summer Words


The fog rolling over the hills, the accelerated growth of new plants in the garden, and the burst of color found in spring flowers all are amazing. What once was bland, brown, and mottled is now lush, colorful, and varigated. So it is with our life. When I look back I see an amazing God orchestrating events bursting with excitement and exuberance. I remember birth of our babies. I remember achievements in colleges and universities. I remember recognizing and sharing my gifts and skills in my various vocations. I also remember the close and fulfllling relationships with my family and friends. The world, the people, and my life is amazing. All because of our Lord and Savior.

Lord, you have been not only my rock and fortress, but you have been my help, my encourager, and my champion. Thank you for not only walking by my side, but for leading me and challenging me to become the person I can be. I am amazed that you love me so much that you take a personal interest in me and you help me become better than I have ever been. I am amazed by your provision and our constant care. Thank you for this day and all the days hereafter.

June 2, 2017, 1:32 PM

Summer Words

Thank you to everyone who sent me a word or words to think about this summer. I am looking forward to reflecting with you about our spiritual life in relation to these words. I hope that as you read you will also consider your own thoughts on each word of the day. Blessings and happy reflecting, Pastor Randy



Perhaps this is a good word to start with for our "Words of Summer" excursion. So what does happen after we die? This is a good word on which to reflect, but certainly not a word which should consume our thinking. It does make me remember that my time here is fleeting and I need to use this time well. I need to remember to celebrate the good times and the difficult times are only for a moment. So let us think about what we should do differently if we want to do something that will last beyond our momentary existence here on earth and let us not dwell on what we should have done yesterday.

Lord, thank you for my life here on earth. Help me to focus on that which will last, not that which will soon pass away. Help me to mature in character, which will be with us forever and not focus on accumlating possessions, which will rust, fall apart, and be stolen. Help me to look forward to the gathering of those who have departed in the faith in the here after and not regret those things I didn't get done today. In you we put our eternal trust. Amen. 

May 30, 2017, 5:19 PM

June Relection

“Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things.”  Philippians 4:8


Encouragement, I love this word. It reminds me that there are struggles and trials in all of our lives and that we need not be dismayed when those struggles are in our face. Within this word is the word courage, which also reminds me that to live our lives as Christians it takes courage. It takes a courage which sometimes we don’t have until God or someone who cares for us comes alongside us to walk with us through the difficult times.


As I read printed material or look at the electronic media stream, I am many days disheartened by actions of terror, by bullying of self-interest individuals or groups, or by the lack of compassion so many show to those who are on the margins of life. Yet I know that ultimately these people or groups are not the ones who will determine the last chapter of this world, or even my life. I also am reminded that we have not only a Lord who watches over us, but we have a Savior who holds us in his hands.


We also have a community of faith who wants the best for us. We have a community of faith who wants us to experience the joy, hope, and love which Christ came to offer us through our faith in him.


As we prepare ourselves for each day we begin with an expectation that somehow, some way we will make it through the day, and it is the faith within in our hearts that can give us the courage to make it through. But at different times we all need to be encouraged, and to offer encouragement to others.


Many of you know that I live very close to Wells Middle School. Every school day morning I get to hear the “Words of Wisdom” spoken by one of the teachers, counselors, or even sometimes by a student. These words of wisdom usually focus on the importance of character building. But whatever words are spoken, the speaker always ends the message with the words, “Have a great day, or not, the choice is yours.”


This is so true. Most often we can choose to head into the day with an optimistic view or a pessimistic view, but we need to choose if we will only look for the black dot on the sheet of white paper or see the magnificent hues and shades of blue in the storm clouds overhead.


Even so I think we still can all use a word of encouragement, a word to ponder throughout the day which reminds us that our Lord and Savior loves us, wants the best for us, and will walk with us through all of life’s high points and low points.


This summer I will be sending out a daily word, except on Sundays, to offer you something to ponder through your day. The words come from many of you who submitted words to me in the last month. I am excited about sharing my thoughts with you and am thankful for all of you, whether you sent me a word or not, I hope you will use these words to make your summer a summer to celebrate your faith in God.


So think of these words and use them to guide your day or to help you think of ways in which you can live joyfully in this world, no matter what, remember you are a beloved child of the most high God.


Blessings to you,


Pastor Randy