Randy's Reflections
April 14, 2017, 12:00 PM

Lenten Word of the Day for April 14: Justification


When I get upset because I have been treated unfairly I need not to just shrug it off, nor to demand that I get even. I need to use that concern to stimulate my action to help others when they are treated unfairly. We are called not just to love others but to stand up for what is right and help balance the scales of injustice. We are called to care for our brothers and sisters as we partner with Jesus to redeem this world from injustice as well as from its sin.

The injustices of the world can be overwhelming, so we turn away, we walk away, we give in. We think of Good Friday and know that Jesus wasn't put on the cross just by the Jews, or just be the Romans, Jesus was put on the cross because of each of us. Help us to take responsibility not only for our actions but for the injustices which you give us the resources to confront. Help us to help others so we can help you bring justice to this world. Amen.

April 13, 2017, 3:36 PM

Lenten Word of the Day for April 13:Passover


Today we remember the last commandment you gave your disciples, to love one another. You lived that love as you sacrificed yourself for us. Just as the Passover recounts what happened at the time the Israelites left Egypt, so it also signifys the sacrifice you would make from betrayal to abandonment to torture to death to sealed up in a tomb. Let us remember what you did for this world.

Lord, as the week comes to close we remember that which took our breathe away. You lived the Passover. You not only bore the scrouging, the piercing, and the life deflating taunts, just like the Matzah, without yeast, which we eat. You also were willing to be our sacrificial lamb, as the angel of death passed over all of Egypt. You were the one who was put in the tomb hidden away, like the Afikomen. So we wait with bated breath hoping that this isn't your end, our end, the end. All the world stands waiting for its redemption. Come Lord Jesus. Amen.

April 12, 2017, 11:48 AM

Lenten Word of the Day for April 12: Gratitude


Some people in the world believe Jesus was a good example to follow. For others Jesus was someone who lived for the greater good in our society. But for Christians, Jesus was the one who showed God's grace and mercy to both friends and enemies and Jesus was the one who sacrificed himself so we could do the same. The way we act towards others is how we show our gratitude for all that Jesus has done for us. How is that playing out in your life?

Lord, do we live humbly because others are humble around us? Do we live justly becasue others are just among us? Do we show kindness because others are kind to us? No, you lived humbly, you showed justice, and you were kind to everyone. But most importantly because of your sacrifie we can show our gratitude by living the way you would. Help us to live that way. Amen.