Randy's Reflections
April 12, 2017, 11:48 AM

Lenten Word of the Day for April 12: Gratitude


Some people in the world believe Jesus was a good example to follow. For others Jesus was someone who lived for the greater good in our society. But for Christians, Jesus was the one who showed God's grace and mercy to both friends and enemies and Jesus was the one who sacrificed himself so we could do the same. The way we act towards others is how we show our gratitude for all that Jesus has done for us. How is that playing out in your life?

Lord, do we live humbly because others are humble around us? Do we live justly becasue others are just among us? Do we show kindness because others are kind to us? No, you lived humbly, you showed justice, and you were kind to everyone. But most importantly because of your sacrifie we can show our gratitude by living the way you would. Help us to live that way. Amen.

April 12, 2017, 11:47 AM

Lenten Word of the Day for April 11: Learning


I was a strange kid. I always loved going to school. But as I got older I realized that learning is a important part of who I was and who we are. Learning about ourselves, learning about others, and learning about our faith helps us to meet the challenges we face daily. As we continue to grow in understanding and wisdom we can be confident that the Great Teacher will always give us plenty of opportunities to increase in our learning and grow in who we are called to be.

Lord, help me to be more teachable today than I was yesterday and to be more teachable tomorrow than I am today. For you want us to continue to grow in character and faith everyday. Amen.

April 10, 2017, 12:20 PM

Lenten Word of the Day for April 10:Doubt


It seems night time is the hardest. Sometimes it is in the midst of my own thinking when I am overwhelmed. Sometimes it is when all for which I have hoped comes crashing down. Yet I find that sharing my heart with God or with another lifts the burden of proof. When I can open my eyes and my heart and see the magnificience and wonder all around me, whether in the past or the present then I know that doubt has helped me move closer to God. Doubt eventually gives me strength, in that eventually I am thankful for my doubts.

Lord, when I am strugging to feel your presence , please make yourself known. When I need silence in order to listen, grant me silence. When I need words in order to speak, grant me wisdom. When I need courage in order to act, grant me conviction. Amen.