Randy's Reflections
December 18, 2017, 10:47 AM

Advent Words of Winter

Bethlehem (Words from “O Come, All Ye Faithful” will be used this week)

This is where it started. This is where our Savior was born. House of Bread is the translation of this Hebrew word. The place where the sustenance for life is found. This is also the place where the shepherds watched over the sheep to be used for sacrifices at the temple. Jesus is the lamb of sacrifice for us. The one unblemished but vulnerable to pain and sorrow, who gave his life for us. His sacrifice not only gives us hope for tomorrow, but strength for today. He gives us the sustenance for the day and the abundance of grace to take us into the future. He is our Bethlehem.

Lord, we have learned to depend on you for receiving our daily bread, help us to depend on you for our spiritual food as well. You came that we might have life, abundant life. That we might feed on all that you give us. Help us to take in the nourishment that will give us the strength to follow your sacrificial ways. Amen.

December 17, 2017, 8:09 PM

Advent Words of Winter


    I was asked recently where the words are coming from that I have been reflecting on for the daily word. These words come from the songs whose phrases are on the bulletins we use each Sunday. Each week we will sing that song whose phrase is listed and throughout the week we will have been able to reflect on some of the words used. I will start listing the phrase where the word came from so you can recognize it when we sing it.

    You too can think about words from the songs we are singing each Sunday or perhaps reflect on some of the words from your favorite Christmas carol. God speaks to us not only through prayer, through the bible, through a worship service or an inspirational book, but through a word or an event in our daily life.

    If you want to go one step further you could pick one word or event in a day and write down your thoughts about it. Sometimes God will even speak to you in the midst of your writing and give you a new thought or understanding about yourself, others or the world around you. I am hoping you have a meaningful Christmas season.

    Blessings, Pastor Randy

December 16, 2017, 10:01 AM

Advent Words of Winter


I first think of those nasty requirements that we need to follow. You know those things that hinder our freedom. Those laws that you just want to break, because you don’t want anyone to tell you want you are supposed to do in life. But rules are necessary. Rules help us function as a society. Rules are for our good and the greater good of our community and the society as a whole. This word, in the song of “Joy to the World,” is speaking of one who directs, guides, and orchestrates a world with justice and peace at its heart. Rules is not so much laws as a benevolent hand or a wise word or a suggestive nudging that helps everything to operate at its best.

Lord, thank you for never abandoning your creation. You not only created us and the world around us, but you are intimately involved in this world. Help us to heed your wise words. Help us to follow your suggestive nudging, to bring true peace and justice to this world. Help us to embrace your truth and grace and offer it to everyone we meet. We praise your holy name, may you be the one who rules our hearts now and forever. Amen.