Randy's Reflections
December 20, 2017, 9:48 AM

Advent Words of Winter


This is a feeling of joy or happiness. It is a feeling of jubilation or delight. What is it that gives you delight? What brings you joy? This is what the angels felt when Jesus appeared. Here was the long awaited promise from God. Perhaps they knew this was when God’s kingdom was being established on earth. This was the end of Satan’s rule and the beginning of a new kingdom lead by God’s Son. If it brought angels delight, how much more should that establishment of the kingdom bring us?

Lord, help us to be more aware of your kingship on this earth. Help us to be delighted in your presence and your reign. Knowing that you love us and watch over us brings us joy and delight. Help us to share that delight with others and be jubilant in all that we do and say this day. Amen.

December 19, 2017, 10:17 AM

Advent Words of Winter


This is such a great word. It sounds so regal, so majestic, so awe-inspiring. It is sometimes translated as “See!”, open your eyes and look intently, for what you are seeing is phenomenal. Sometimes beholding something is more of feeling than a looking. Sometimes to behold something is to have it really take hold of you. Something that you behold changes you and your whole outlook on life. It is like seeing a new born baby and realizing this is something created in God’s image, something to behold. When was the last time something took hold of you? When was the last time you took a moment to behold Him?

Lord, help us this day to take a moment and behold you! Help us to take a moment and realize that it was the creator God who came to earth, so long ago, to allow us to behold Him. God in the flesh walked among us and God’s spirit is still with us. Lord, help us to make room this Christmas to again behold Him and adore Him, for he is Christ the Lord!

December 18, 2017, 10:47 AM

Advent Words of Winter

Bethlehem (Words from “O Come, All Ye Faithful” will be used this week)

This is where it started. This is where our Savior was born. House of Bread is the translation of this Hebrew word. The place where the sustenance for life is found. This is also the place where the shepherds watched over the sheep to be used for sacrifices at the temple. Jesus is the lamb of sacrifice for us. The one unblemished but vulnerable to pain and sorrow, who gave his life for us. His sacrifice not only gives us hope for tomorrow, but strength for today. He gives us the sustenance for the day and the abundance of grace to take us into the future. He is our Bethlehem.

Lord, we have learned to depend on you for receiving our daily bread, help us to depend on you for our spiritual food as well. You came that we might have life, abundant life. That we might feed on all that you give us. Help us to take in the nourishment that will give us the strength to follow your sacrificial ways. Amen.