Randy's Reflections
April 5, 2017, 12:16 PM

Lenten Word of the Day for April 5: Grief


It is not easy to acknowledge that we are hurting. It makes us feel vulnerable. It makes us seem weak. Yet even Jesus cried out for relief, in the Garden, among his disciples, on the cross. So know that God is with us, both in the good times and the bad. It is from this place of vulnerability we learn most of God's love. Let us share our distress with Jesus and let him carry us to a place of safety and healing. He came to heal and to mend all who hurt. Come, Lord Jesus.

My heart hurts beyond words. My body sheds tear upon tear. My soul cries out in pain. Lord, help me not to rush my grief; let me hold it as long as I need and let it be loosed when the time is right. Amen.

April 4, 2017, 12:08 PM

Lenten Word of the Day for April 4:Mercy


Who is the winner when a judgment is enacted? Is it the person who judges or the person who is being judged? The question of greater importance is when should mercy be given. Perhaps that can only be answered when we decide what is at stake, our pride or true justice? Continued conflict or resolution? My will or God's will? We just need to remember we may be in the same position some day to receive what we give. Lord in your mercy hear our prayer.

In times of deep conflict and passionate disagreement, Lord, show me the way, your way. When I must be firm, Lord, let me be just. When I must be strong, Lord, let me be compassionate. When I must stand in judgment, Lord, let me be merciful. Amen.

April 3, 2017, 9:20 PM

Lenten Word of the Day for April 3: Humility


In this world where we long to be known, just to be heard, or just to have our presence acknowledged it is difficult to admit we don't have it all together. This world applauds those who speak in confidence, who do with resolve, and who make a mark, yet in our quieter moments we long to be part of a community. A community that will be sensitive to our needs and our wants. This means we have to admit we can't do it all. So if we can admit we need others it allows us to recognize accept others need us. But we have to take the first step.

When I don't know everything, the wise guide me. When I can't do everything, hands support me. When I can't get through anything, communities care for me. Lord, remind me that when I don't always know the way, through the acts of others you make the way known. Amen.