Randy's Reflections
March 14, 2017, 10:32 PM

Lenten Word of the Day for March 13: Faith


Interesting the last word we considered was worry. Now we consider faith. In our reformed tradition faith is important not because we chose to believe, but because God gives us the capacity and willingness to believe. This is why every day should begin with the prayer, "Lord, help my unbelief," trusting that God will not only ground us in believing, but increase our faith.

God, your grace is not extended to me because of what I have achieved, what I have done, or what I have said. In fact, in spite of my thirst for wealth, my actions that bring pain, and my words that inspire hate, you love me. Amen.

March 14, 2017, 10:31 PM

Lenten Word of the Day for March 11: Worry


So yesterday the middle school kids left for the snow. Talk about excited. Yet we know as adults that so much could go wrong. There could be lots of traffic. There could be a flat tire. There could be a problem when they get to the cabin. There could be so many people at the snow that they would have to wait in line forever. Yet the kids are not concerned about all those possibilities, they are just excited about the possibilities of being with their friends, playing in the snow, and having a great time. Oh, that we could remember what it means to be excited about the good possibilites before us instead of letting the concerns of the world weigh us down. Let's have concern for state of the world, but let's also celebrate the wonder and joy of what could happen in the future.

There is so much that can go wrong that all I can do is worry about money, about work, about family, about friends, about everything. Lord, do not let worry consume my soul; rather, help me to let go so that I may find calm and peace. Amen.

March 14, 2017, 10:31 PM

Lenten Word of the Day for March 10: Imitating


For me imitation is not an attractive word. It makes me think of something or someone who is trying to pass a false thing off as the real thing. Or someone who is pretending to be better than they are. But don't we all do that? Don't we try to put our best face, best act, in the forefront because we are afraid people won't accept us as we are? But then each of us has qualities that others envy. Each of us have a gift of uniqueness that if imitated would make this world a better place. I need to try to see those things in people that would be good to imitate and I need to try to model those things in me which are worth imitating.

Lord, I am your creation, wonderfully, lovingly, and uniquely made. But you have created others, those who help guide the way. Help me seek out and imitate those who live as you intended with hope, with wisdom, with justice, with creativity, with conviction, with compassion, with laughter, with love. Amen.