Randy's Reflections
March 17, 2016, 3:59 PM

Daily Word for Lenten Season - March 17


When you know what you are doing is not life giving, where do you turn? When you know what you are doing is leading you down the wrong path, how do you stop? What if you aren’t sure what is right or wrong, where can you find the answer? Jesus was not the compliant Jew. How did he know which way to go without compromising his calling? You tell me.

Prayer: Lord, I am tempted at times to take the easy path, but also sometimes I am tempted to be reckless. Lord, help me to discern when I am being tempted to turn from my calling and when I need the courage to go a different way. Amen.

March 16, 2016, 4:00 PM

Daily Word for Lenten Season - March 16


Our body is amazing. Just think of all the intricate parts that function so harmoniously, most of the time. It is this body which God wishes to inspire here and now. It was his body which took the brutal punishment so in the next life we can have a new body. Yet our body is not not just something for the future, but also to be used in the present to bring glory to God.

Prayer: Lord, how could anybody question whether you are the author of our body. There is nobody who is not somebody in your sight. In fact everybody is a gift from you. Thank you for the new body we will someday receive. Amen.

March 15, 2016, 12:00 AM

Daily Word for Lenten Season - March 15


It seems like a strange word to consider during Lent, but Jesus has a lot to say about this subject. It permeates our life. We can’t live without it, but neither can we become obsessed by it. In someways it is like breathing. We need to receive it, but we also need to let it go. It allows us to live, but it is also is something we need to share with others. How do you use it well? How can it be part of your discipleship as a believer?

Prayer: Lord, thank you for allowing us to be stewards of money. Help us to use it wisely, but to never be controlled by it. You are a generous God, help us to be a generous people. Amen.