Randy's Reflections
December 13, 2017, 9:35 AM

Advent Words of Winter


Is this a place or a view of life? A room is a location in our house or workplace, a place you spend a lot of time and often have arranged the way you like. Your room can be well organized, but is it open to change. It can be a place where you guard the way things are or it can be a place that can be rearranged when needed. But a room is also a metaphor of how we view others. Sometimes we are closed to others, we don’t want to interact with anyone else. We are afraid that our view of life may have to change. There is no room in this Inn. Other times we are open to others, we give them our full attention, we engage with them in conversation, we grow in our view of life. What is your room like? Is it a room the is open to visitors or is it a room that no one else can enter but you? If you were asked, “Is there room in your Inn?” what would you answer?

Lord, help us to recognize when our room has become a barrier to transformation in our lives. We like to arrange things a certain way. It gives us comfort and security. But, Lord, sometimes we need to be willing to experience change. Sometimes we need to be willing to rearrange things, because it just might be a better way to see the world, and you. Help us to be willing to make room for others and learn that a new view in our room can be transformative. Amen.

December 11, 2017, 12:40 PM

Advent Words of Winter


This is where we live. This is where we will die, but how about our children? I don’t mean so much our biological babies, but those generations who come after us. Will we leave this world a better place than when we entered it? Will we leave this world with greater hope, greater love, greater joy? Maybe since I was just with two generation after me it causes me to ponder how will I leave the world? I don’t want them to have more, I want them to have better. I want them to be wiser, more compassionate, and more joyful. What can I do this day for this world to make it a better place?

Lord, we have all been given a world that is not so much our playground or our wilderness to conquer, but a home. We have been given a home that needs to be cared for, that needs to be shared, that needs to become more as it was created to be. Help us to plant, to care for, and to help shape a beautiful world that shouts your glory. May we leave this world knowing that we have had a small part in making this world a better home for everyone. Amen.

December 9, 2017, 9:02 PM

Advent Words of Winter


Sleep is not something Joan and I have gotten much of this week in Seattle. We have been “watching” the grandkids this week, while our son and daughter-in-law are having their first vacation away from their two girls. It has been a glorious week. It has been a difficult week. It has been a rewarding week and though we are both sleep deprived we have experienced the joy of a growing relationship with grandchildren. This has brought healing to our souls. In the midst of a world full of turmoil we get to be with children of our children. These children are sweet and kind to each other (for the most part) and they quickly embrace us as the “parents” of this household. They trust us and love us without question. This is the healing we needed and the world needs as well. Oh we could learn so much from the good things children bring us.

Lord, thank you for these moments, which in a lifetime are so few. We are so grateful that we can experience the joy and love of grandchildren. Thank you for the reminder that the world is not as dark as it seems. Thank you for the hope that this gives us. And thank you for the peace and healing that it brings to our souls. Amen