Randy's Reflections
December 14, 2017, 12:50 PM

Advent Words of Winter


We sing when we are happy and we sing when we are sad. We can sing with excitement and we can sing with thoughtfulness. We can sing to be inspired and we can sing to meditate. Yet when I sing I like best to sing with my heart. Sometimes I use my voice, but when I sing with my heart the song lifts up to a higher place. What song do you like to sing? What song is most meaningful to you? I don’t know how music actually works, but it seems to touch the most inner places of my being. I hope this Christmas you will experience a song, either listening or singing, that will become the music of your heart for this season. 

Lord, we are so grateful that you made music for us to hear and to sing. Help us to experience the music that praises you and inspires us. Help us to feel the touch of your spirit in song. Help us to soar with the notes that touch our very soul. You are the master musician, give us a song to carry us through the tough times and one that will help us celebrate the great times. We bless you Lord right now with a song from our heart. Amen.

December 13, 2017, 12:49 PM

Advent Words of Winter


Looking at the world around us we sometimes wonder who is in charge. Yet in the song “Joy to the World” it suggests that it is the Savior who reigns. Ultimately it is Jesus who has been made king of the world. He is the one who walked among us, felt the hard earth under his feet, felt the pangs of hunger and thirst. He is the one who saw suffering and pain and then experienced it himself. He knows what it is like. Not all rulers know what true hardship is like, or at least they haven’t faced their pain, but Jesus has and will walk us through it. He is the one who knows and he is the one who rules with an empathetic heart. I am glad he is in charge and not me.

Lord, give us the confidence that your reign is a benevolent one. Help us realize that amidst the struggles you will comfort us. You want the best for us. Even when the circumstances shout differently. We know that the time for all suffering to end has not yet come, but we can anticipate that you will bring joy back into our lives. We believe you are the Savior king. You are the one who will make all things right. You are the one who will wipe away all our tears. You are the one who truly loves us.                        Long live the King. Amen.

December 13, 2017, 9:35 AM

Advent Words of Winter


Is this a place or a view of life? A room is a location in our house or workplace, a place you spend a lot of time and often have arranged the way you like. Your room can be well organized, but is it open to change. It can be a place where you guard the way things are or it can be a place that can be rearranged when needed. But a room is also a metaphor of how we view others. Sometimes we are closed to others, we don’t want to interact with anyone else. We are afraid that our view of life may have to change. There is no room in this Inn. Other times we are open to others, we give them our full attention, we engage with them in conversation, we grow in our view of life. What is your room like? Is it a room the is open to visitors or is it a room that no one else can enter but you? If you were asked, “Is there room in your Inn?” what would you answer?

Lord, help us to recognize when our room has become a barrier to transformation in our lives. We like to arrange things a certain way. It gives us comfort and security. But, Lord, sometimes we need to be willing to experience change. Sometimes we need to be willing to rearrange things, because it just might be a better way to see the world, and you. Help us to be willing to make room for others and learn that a new view in our room can be transformative. Amen.