Randy's Reflections
March 14, 2016, 10:00 PM

Daily Word for Lenten Season - March 14


This is usually used as a verb to meet someone’s need. Yet it doesn’t always have to be done in one direction. There can mutual service. Usually that is how we operate. We offer someone service for a fee or as an exchange. Yet when Christ served us it was without demand, but with an opportunity to receive his service. How do we serve others? Do we require an exchange or do we offer something without expectation of ever receiving anything back?

Prayer: Lord, thank you for serving us. Help us learn to serve without expectation of being served as well. Amen.

March 13, 2016, 10:43 PM

Daily Word for Lenten Season - March 12


We decide if someone is an enemy. Do we ever ask ourselves why we can’t be friends? Is it because of what they said, did, or are we just told they are our enemies? How can they become our friends? Would Jesus call anyone his enemy? Did Jesus die for his friends or his enemies?

Prayer: Lord, help us to pray for our friends and enemies alike. Help us to know what to say and how to act towards both. Most of all help us to learn to love as you have loved us, whether we are your friend or your enemy. Amen.

March 13, 2016, 10:39 PM

Daily Word for Lenten Season - March 11


Wrongdoing. Something horrible. A stain. What word do you associate with “sin?” Sin is actually exactly what we weren’t made for. I find it interesting that both the Hebrew word and the Greek word is better translated as “missing the mark,” like in a target, a bullseye. It is not something we were destined to do or say or think, yet like in a whirlpool we tend to move towards its clutches. The good news is that Jesus has broken the hold, the force which pulls us down so instead we can become redeemed from our sin.

Prayer: Lord, help me to not live on automatic, slowly moving toward the center of the whirlpool. Instead, Lord, help me to receive your hand of grace, that I might break free from that tendency. Help me to live in a new direction that brings me life and the vibrancy to the world around me. Amen.