Randy's Reflections
February 25, 2016, 12:00 AM

Daily Word for Lenten Season - February 25


What is the best use of your time. It is producing something? Is it accomplishing something? It is something invested for the future? This are our usual concerns. Perhaps this Lenten season we need to ask God, with whom should I spend time with today?

Prayer: Lord, help me not to worry about quality time or good use of time today. Help me to listen to your Spirit and be directed with whom I need to be present today. Amen.






February 24, 2016, 12:00 AM

Daily Word for Lenten Season - February 24


I think in the last few years we have learned how valuable it is. We also know that it is not something we can manufacture. It is more than a cleansing medium. It is more than a plant grower. It is more than a recreational tool. It is life giving, and it comes from above.

Prayer: Lord, giver of body, breath, and beauty. Help us to be good stewards of all we are given, even the most basic things. Amen.



February 23, 2016, 12:00 AM

Daily Word for Lenten Season - February 23


The image of Bread has so many facets. The rounded loaf. The smell of the baking. The crisp crust with soft warm insides. The taste of it freshly buttered. The thought of bread touches so many senses. When we think of God, how many senses do we use? 

Prayer: Most holy God help us to have a greater sense of who you are. Help us to see you in the waving trees. Help us to smell you in the blooming flowers. Help us to touch you as we feel the variety of textures in your creation. Help us to taste the wonder found in so many different culinary bites. You bring variety and abundance to our lives. Thank you.