Randy's Reflections
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April 20, 2015, 11:00 PM

Randy's Reflections "Our True Colors"

I have a myriad of t-shirts. I have different colors, different designs, and even different names on those t-shirts. One of my favorite t-shirts is the blue one with “Wells” emblazoned on the front. It used to be when I wore that t-shirt people thought I worked at Wells Middle School or I had a student there. Yet just recently, in the last week, I have people commenting how well the Golden State Warrior Basketball team is doing.

    You see the colors on my Wells t-shirt and the colors used by the Golden State Warriors are the same colors. It is funny because the “Wells” word is very prominent on the t-shirt, but those who have commented on it this week, just skip over the lettering and figure I am a Warriors fan.

    Perception of our surrounding is not always accurate. Sometimes we see what we want to see. We hear what we want to hear. We are so busy we don’t really listen to people or we don’t look very closely at our surroundings. We need to take time to look around us. We need to take time to listen to those near us. We need to be attentive to others.

    I have to admit wearing this t-shirt opens up a lot of conversations and it gives me an entrance to the lives of other people. I just have to be sure I don’t squander or misdirect their interest. It gives me a chance to become acquainted with new people with whom I would normally never have an interaction.

    I believe God has given me the personality which is able to connect with lots of different people. It gives me the opportunity to share the wonder and joy which surrounds us on this earth. I hope I am able to help them see something new, that is positive and life giving.

    I guess as long as I don’t go to L.A. or San Antonio, where the competition against the Warriors is the most fierce, I hope I am able to brighten the lives of other people and share with them the resurrected life God has given me.

    May we all strive to bring more color to a world which is so often covered in shades of grey.


    Celebrating God’s gift of color with you,


    Pastor Randy

April 18, 2015, 4:18 PM

Randys Reflections "Wimpy Faith"

Do you ever realize that your faith is not as strong as you thought it was? Do you ever realize all of sudden that what you thought was a strong faith was a “wimpy” faith? Most days I feel pretty good about my trust in God. I pray for my family and trust God will take care of them. I pray for people who are ill or recovering from surgery and believe God will bring them back to health. I even pray that I will be a light to someone in need that day as I give money to someone on the street corner or smile at a frowny faced child who breaks into a smile or am able to help someone find something at the store.

    Yet every once in awhile I get a little agitated. I get anxious about how I will get all the things done I need to get done. I may even start to perspire because I am anxious. I may have an appointment to keep and the traffic is getting worse ahead of me. I may have to finish a project that is taking longer than I had hoped and the deadline is looming over me like a dark cloud. I may just worry that the bills will get paid, let alone on time.

    Well last Tuesday I was getting ready to go to a Giants game, you know that team that won another World Series, but only on even years. 2015 seems to be turning into another downer, as of today they are 3 and 9, three being the wins.

    So I drove back from a conference to go to this game, which I was going to share with a friend. But I still had to finish up our taxes, which is agitating enough as it is, but I had a list of other things to do before I went to the game. I needed to water the new plants in our vegetable garden. I needed to answer some emails, change my clothes, for that ball park which has a cold wind blowing through it. I needed to print out the tickets and I needed to head over to Bart, to get the 4:26 train into San Francisco. But I still needed to stop at the store to get peanuts, because I said I would, I almost decided not to. I had to negotiate the line at the store. I was really starting to perspire feeling I wasn’t going to get to the Bart station in time. My leg was still a bit sore so I had thought to stop at work to pick up my cane, but I was running out of time, so I dare not.

    Finally I had everything in the car, but still I needed to get a parking place fairly close to the walk over bridge since I didn’t have the cane. I also knew that my phone hadn’t been holding a charge very well so if I needed to get in touch with my friend I hoped it would have enough charge since we were meeting there. Plus only having taken Bart one other time I was going to need the charge to help me map out my walk from the Bart station to the ball park.

    I also wasn’t too sure how to use the machine to get the ticket. Well I got everything done. I got a parking place fairly close to the walk over bridge. The cashier at the Bart station was right next to the machine to help me get the ticket, the train was just coming in when I went downstairs and it was the 4:19 train, I was even early.

    Why was I so anxious? If I missed that train there would be more. I got everything done, including taxes sent off. I needed just to have confidence that I would get to where I needed to go, because I have a God who wants to best for me. Even if I have an unexpected obstacle I need to remember God will get me over it, or under it, or through it. I realized that it doesn’t always matter if I have a “strong” faith or a “wimpy” faith. All I need is faith and God will see me through.


    Growing in what ever faith I have in the moment with you,


    Pastor Randy

April 18, 2015, 3:00 PM

Randy's Reflections "Justice For All"

I think we all understand the concept, “I was here first.” You know when you take your place in line it is always the person who was there first who is served first. That is why we have people standing in line for hours for “One Direction” tickets or the opportunity to be the first to buy the iPhone 6 or to be the first to check out when a new cashier opens up.

    Yet as Christians, who know that “the last will be first and the first will be last (Matthew 20:16),” how important is it really to be the first one in line or maybe to be served in the order of the line. I don’t think we should let everyone go in front of us because it may be hours before we get served at a restaurant, or helped at a shoe store, or even get into that concert we so badly want to see, if we let everyone go ahead of us.

    So a couple of weeks ago I was at Costco in Danville. I was with my mom getting sunglasses. I noticed that the ticket number machine had the next number as 63, which I took, while the number displayed on the sign of the person being helped was number 50. There seemed to be some confusion between the display and those being helped since I only saw about three other people waiting. Sure enough as the next person who was to be helped was 60 I realized either the others had left or somehow the connection between the display and the person being helped had been broken.

    I had an appointment in about 30 minutes so I was hoping we could get helped before I needed to go. Then I noticed the person who came just before me was being helped. She had ticket number 62, but the person who had number 61 had left so salesperson started to help number 62 without taking her ticket. Since her ticket wasn’t taken I noticed the person after me asked to take the ticket number 62. I thought, wait a minute I was supposed to be next. It wasn’t fair for that other person to jump ahead of me. Sure enough the next person to be helped was the one who was supposed to be after me. That really bothered me. I started to come up to say something, but then another salesperson was available, and number 63 was called, that was me.

    I just felt I had to say something so I commented that 63 was my ticket and I didn’t know why the person who had come after me had been able to go ahead of me, but I was ready to be helped. After we were done I noticed that the other person who went ahead of me was still being helped. Justice had been served. I was done before they were.

    But did it really matter that I had to wait an extra minute? I still got to my appointment in time and we got the sunglasses we needed. Perhaps the best thing that happened is that I realized I don’t have to be next. I don’t have to be served when my number is called up. There will be times when others will go ahead of me when it doesn’t seem fair, but still I get served and that is what is important.

    The story about the workers in the vineyard in Matthew 20:1-16 it a good reminder that God will see we get what we need even if it is not in the order we think is right. We need to trust God will be there for us when we need it and sometimes others may need it more or sooner, so let us put our confidence in the Great Provider who will be there for us when it is most needed.


    Learning to trust Him more with you,


    Pastor Randy

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