Randy's Reflections
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August 16, 2013, 12:36 PM

Randy's Reflections "You Never Know"

                You never know how people are affected by what you do. A couple of days ago I was on my way out of Target and saw an employee from Target trying to help a woman get a boxed up futon into her little car. I couldn’t resist putting down my purchases to see if I could help. We lifted and prodded and pushed and pulled. It just wouldn’t fit. I suggested using my truck to haul it home for her but she wasn’t done trying to get it in. I said my good byes and went to my truck.

                Driving out by them I saw they had taken it out of the box and were trying to get it in the back seat of her car. I decided to give assistance one more time. We were able to push it in with no damage to the car, unlike the picture accompanying this blog.

                As I got back into my car a black truck pulled up alongside of me and I recognized the driver of a parent whose daughter I had helped coach this last winter in sixth grade basketball. He had gone back home after seeing me struggle with the boxed futon and gotten his truck so he could help me. He thought the futon was mine and he was willing to take it home for me.

                I thought that was amazing. He would drive home to change cars and then come back unannounced to help me. I told him it wasn’t mine but thanked him for his kindness. Maybe next time he will help the person even if he doesn’t know them.

                We are surrounded by people who want to help us and by people who could use our help. I pray that we will recognize both opportunities and usher in God’s kingdom into our lives and theirs.

Helping change the world with you,

Pastor Randy

August 16, 2013, 12:20 PM

Randy's Reflections "What About Those Shoes"

One thing I try to do every Mission trip I take to Mexico is I try to leave the people things that I won’t use anymore, but still have some life in them. This trip I decided to take my shoes which had shoe laces all scrunched up. The shoes were fine it is just that the outside of the laces had scrunched up and they were not able to go through the eyelets on the shoes.

                I brought boots to work in so the shoes were only being used when I was around the camp. That second night there I was listening to the co-founder of Amor speaking about her life being disrupted by God and her inspiration to begin with her husband an organization that would provide good, inexpensive housing for the people. I was listening but also began to unscrunch my laces. I found that if I was patient with the pulling and massaging of the laces I could get them to unscrunch to where they would fit through the eyelets. It took about 45 minutes to do both laces.

                I realized that with patience and taking some time to work on those laces they could be usable and my shoes would be fully functional again. I think that is how God is with us. God knows that we can be fully functional but we need to let God work with us or on us. We need to let God massage, direct, and challenge us to become the best we can be. We need to let God transform us, from the scrunched up people who don’t seem to do what we need to do, to people who follow him, even through the eye of a needle.

                It is true I did not leave my shoes in Mexico, but I did leave a house, a very well built house, built with sixteen pairs of hands desiring to give someone a better life. I also left with a better understanding that God can change me, God can transform me, God can really use me. God will not throw me out because I don’t function as best as I could. God won’t trade me in for a better model. God is willing to take time to unscrunch me, and you, all we need to do is let God change us.

Walking with the unscrunched shoes with you,

Pastor Randy

July 26, 2013, 5:46 PM

Randy's Reflections "Following that Cross"

Two weeks ago I mentioned that a cross on a nearby neighbor’s chimney came down off their chimney because they sold their house and were moving without it. Little did I know that someone else had a plan for that cross.

This fall we hope to gather a team of wood workers to build a silhouette of the nativity for our front lawn. It would provide a reminder to us, our neighbors and folks driving by of the true reason for the season.  But now we will add something a bit unusual though very appropriate to that scene. Now along with the silhouette of the Bethlehem star we will have a lighted cross.

Our Family Ministries Director was talking to the folks down the road who had the lighted cross and since the buyer of the house was not interested in keeping the lighted cross Nancy was able to procure it for our church.

So if you follow the Son and share his love with those in your neighborhood you may just receive more than you expect from them. In this case John Knox Presbyterian Church received a symbol of our discipleship which will be displayed along with the reminder of the true reason for the season.

Come by sometime during the Advent season and you will see an illuminating reminder of what happens when you follow the cross.

Celebrating the light of life with you,

Pastor Randy

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