Randy's Reflections
December 4, 2017, 11:47 AM

Advent Words of Winter


The Greek word for angels actually means “messenger.” Angels are the messengers of God who communicate to people about God. It was an entire host of angels that come to the shepherds to announce the birth of Jesus. It was then the shepherds who became the announcers, and now that job has come to us. Isn’t it amazing that one of the most important announcements to the people of this world, that which had first come from angels, is now given to us. Throughout advent we will explore different ways we can communicate that monumental event, and sometimes we will use words.

Lord, help us to find creative ways we can communicate to others about the birth of Jesus and more importantly how we can communicate the love of God. We are so thankful that you trust us to share the story of Jesus’ birth. Help us to find new ways we can make that story real to those around us. Amen.

December 2, 2017, 8:49 AM

Advent Words of Winter


I used to use this word only to describe some delectable morsel I put in my mouth. Now I and others use it to describe an idea, event, or characteristic of a person which is positive. Sometimes it is used when we find an unexpected solution to a nagging problem. Or it can describe a person who is innocent or extremely thoughtful or kind. It is a word which speaks of goodness and grace. Look for something sweet in your life today, it may not just be what you put in mouth, but perhaps an unexpected pleasure and then give God thanks for that gift.

Lord, you meet us in all kinds of ways. Sometimes when we call on you and sometimes in those unexpected pleasurable times. You surprise us with goodness and grace when we were just trying to make it through another day. Help us to recognize the sweetness of life and be people who are harbingers of that sweetness. Thank you sweet Jesus. Amen.

December 2, 2017, 8:48 AM

Advent Words of Winter


Do you ever feel trapped? Do you ever feel paralyzed? Do you ever feel things will never change? Sometimes we are just so overwhelmed with life we feel chained to how things are and not hopeful about how things could be. The past does this to us a lot. Things we had done to us or things we have done to others, yet this is where our faith comes in. This is where we can ask God to forgive us or ask God to help us forgive others. It is that forgiveness that can break those chains. It is forgiveness that will set us free. Ask God to give you the hope, the courage and the motivation to move forward, that is when the chains will begin to fall off.

Lord, you are the one who wants us to be free. You are the one who wants us to live. Help us not to let the world be the last word. Help us to look to you and those we can trust to help us move forward in life. Lord, give us a sign that you are indeed in control and your control gives us the freedom to be partners with you in this life, not chained to the past or the present. Help us to be free. Amen.