Randy's Reflections
December 2, 2017, 8:48 AM

Advent Words of Winter


Do you ever feel trapped? Do you ever feel paralyzed? Do you ever feel things will never change? Sometimes we are just so overwhelmed with life we feel chained to how things are and not hopeful about how things could be. The past does this to us a lot. Things we had done to us or things we have done to others, yet this is where our faith comes in. This is where we can ask God to forgive us or ask God to help us forgive others. It is that forgiveness that can break those chains. It is forgiveness that will set us free. Ask God to give you the hope, the courage and the motivation to move forward, that is when the chains will begin to fall off.

Lord, you are the one who wants us to be free. You are the one who wants us to live. Help us not to let the world be the last word. Help us to look to you and those we can trust to help us move forward in life. Lord, give us a sign that you are indeed in control and your control gives us the freedom to be partners with you in this life, not chained to the past or the present. Help us to be free. Amen.

November 30, 2017, 12:28 AM

Advent Words of Winter


I think many of us would be willing to accept a new and improved us. We can think of things we would like to change in ourselves pretty easily. We could be more friendly, we could be more compassionate, we could be more content, are just some examples. Yet all these examples have one thing in common, that is a change of heart. A more open heart, a softer heart, and a more grateful heart. It is hard to change our own heart, but we are promised that God can and will transform our heart. We just need to be open to the Holy Spirit in our lives and practice loving God, others and ourselves more. This will help our hearts to change.

Lord, there are lots of times we would like to be different than who we are. Yet you made us and you are in the process of helping us become better people. Help us be to grateful for who we are, help us to be more gentle with ourselves, and help us to be more accepting of this work in progress. Lord, sometimes the best change comes when we realize you don’t leave us as we are but love us into being transformed. Thank you Lord, Amen.

November 29, 2017, 9:39 AM

Advent Words of Winter


The question is not whether we lead or we are led, but whom do we follow? There will be times when we need to be in the lead, but at some point or another we need to choose by whom we will be led. The world around us will nudge, will suggest, will demand we follow certain people of influence, but we still get to choose whether that person should lead us or not. Let’s not ever compromise who God is making us to be and let us make sure that the one who leads us is also one who follows our Lord first and foremost.

Lord, sometimes we can’t wait to lead others, but sometimes we just want to be led. Help us no matter which we do that we seek you first to be our leader. It is you who created us, it is you who has a purpose for us, it is you who wants the best for us. So when we choose by whom we will be led help us to choose wisely. Amen.