Randy's Reflections
August 12, 2017, 4:49 PM

Summer Words


Is there truly nothing new under the sun? It seems like for decades our country has been dealing with a lot of the same problems. Crime, natural disasters, lack of funding for educational endeavors, and infrastructure in communities. So it is with our natural tendencies. We are a selfish, stubborn, prideful people. Almost sounds like sin. So why would we be surprised that we need a savior, not just once, but over and over again. The wonderful thing is that God is a God of second and third and fourth etc., chances. We can come to God and ask to again be forgiven and again to be granted the opportunity to start over again. Let us try again, but let us also never forget our God is in the business of renewal, and some day we will be brand new with no need to ask again to be renewed. I look forward to that day.

Lord, help us to continue to strive to be the person you have called us to be. Even though we know that for every time we succeed there is another area where we will keep failing. Help us never to give up hope that we will experience a day when won’t need to be renewed again. In the meantime let us never stop asking, nor trying, to do the right thing and be the right person who brings glory to your name, in all that we do and all that we say. Amen.

August 10, 2017, 11:14 AM

Summer Words


So if I had to choose one word out of the 79 we will look at this summer, this would be my favorite. It is the word that says no matter what you have done, no matter who you are, no matter what your hopes, desires, or plans are all these things can be redeemed. That is what we believe. No matter how badly we mess up, God can redeem the bad and help it become good. The amazing thing about this redemption stuff is that God wants us to be a part of the redemption plan. God wants our involvement, our participation, our selves to be part of this redemption plan. How awesome is that. See why it is my favorite word. What is yours?

Lord, you are creating everything to be part of the whole. You want everything to be whole in its creation, in its continual creation, and in its transformation, from good to better to best. Lord, help us to participate with you in creating all things new as we partner with you in the amazing redemption plan for the universe. We, who believe, are redeemed and we can help this world become transformed through working with you through this redemption plan. Help us to find one thing today that we can help move from bad to good. Through forgiveness, through walking with someone in a difficult time or even just through loving someone who feels so unlovable right now. Redemption is the key. Amen.

August 9, 2017, 11:26 AM

Summer Words


This is a word that can be positive or negative. Something could be out of reach or something could be just within reach. Yet as faithful followers we can ask God to help us reach beyond our grasp, as long as we try to follow his way. Are you only trying to reach for that which is within your range or are you willing to reach for the stars? Hope and faith in God helps us strive for what is beyond our normal reach. But what is impossible for humankind can be accomplished with God.

Lord, thank you for being there for us, but also for giving us the motivation to go beyond what would normally be out of reach. Help us to strive for that which will bring glory to you and help us taste victory when we meet the challenge that stretches our faith. You are the one who helps us accomplish that which normally would be unreachable. Thank you Lord. Amen.