Randy's Reflections
August 4, 2017, 12:34 PM

Summer Words


Shalom, which is often translated as peace, really means wholeness. Yet isn’t that what we really want with peace, a sense of wholeness. That is a sense that all is right with our lives and all is right with the world. Peace is not just the absence of strife or confrontation, but the intertwining of our journeys with acceptance and affirmation of each individual. Peace is growing into the fullness and the richness of the beauty found in the infinite.

Lord, help us to do what we can to promote peace, first peace in our own lives and then peace in the lives of those whom we love. Once we start seeking peace for the lives of those we love we can move to seeking peace for those with whom we disagree. And finally we can seek peace for those with whom we are indifferent. Lord, help us to experience wholeness within our lives as we seek to help others find wholeness in theirs. Amen.

August 3, 2017, 12:59 PM

Summer Words


This is not an easy word to enact in this valley. There aren’t very many “slow” food restaurants in our area. Rarely do we tell someone, “I just have a very long meandering question for you.” Urgency seems to drive our life. Yet there is a movement called “Slow” Church. There are places where you can go to have a leisurely lunch. There is an exercise that is very beneficial for your body called a “long walk,” instead of a quick twenty minute work out. It is true that to really notice the world around us we need to take a moment to smell the roses. So maybe today we can listen, look, and appreciate the world in which we live and cherish the relationships we have. Our life can be more full if we take more time to live it. Let us be more patient.

Lord, there is so much more in this world than we can take in, if we take the time for it. There is a richness in life when we do things a bit slower. Help us not to worry about getting things done in a hurry.  Rather help us be concerned about doing things well. Give us the patience we need in our tasks that need to be done and the wisdom to know when others need our patient presence more than our hurried rhetoric. Thank you for the time we have, may it be used more fully. Amen.

August 2, 2017, 11:04 AM

Summer Words


It is always knocking. The questions is, are we listening and then are we willing to open the door. I agree that we all have our limits, but maybe we just need to recognize who is doing the knocking. When the Spirit is knocking I think we need to be willing to at least acknowledge the opportunity. Then we need to ask for guidance on how we can best respond to the opportunity given to us. Are you listening? Are you willing to take the challenge? Then let us all encourage each other to respond to the opportunity when the Spirit knocks, it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. And we have been chosen to answer.

Lord, help us to not let fear or fatigue block our way to open the door of opportunity you give us. Help us to discern if the opportunity is the one for us. And then give us the courage to answer it, embrace it, and to respond to it. You can give us the energy, imagination, and courage to do what we are called to do, help us to believe we are the ones for the task and to give you the glory. Amen.