Randy's Reflections
August 8, 2017, 12:35 AM

Summer Words


Two days ago I talked about power. Probably the most powerful tool we have available to us is prayer. Prayer is an opportunity to talk to God and listen to God. It helps us share our deepest concerns and our greatest joys. It also is the best avenue we can use to hear God’s words to us. It does take an openness, silence and a heart longing to hear God to be effective. So perhaps today we need to just take five minutes to be in an attitude of prayer. Let us take those five minutes and truly quietly listen for God’s words to us, we could just have the most powerful experience ever.

Lord, help us to share with you the deep concerns and the wondrous joys we have. Help us to offer you an opportunity to speak words to us that will comfort us, sustain us, and may even challenge us. Lord God, the one who is over all, help us to experience your presence as we listen for your words to us. Amen.

August 7, 2017, 12:55 AM

Summer Words


 Life can be chaotic. It can seem out of control, at least our control, sometimes. If we just had the power to make the changes we think should be made we could handle life so much more easily. The problem is when we are given power we tend to abuse it. There is only one being who can use power for the good of the world and for our benefit at the same time, that is our God. The wonder is that God asks us to partner with him in this world. So what ever power we have we need to rely on him to guide us in how we use it. Let us remember that our vision is limited and God knows what is best. Let us use what ever power we have in deference to him.

Lord, you are all powerful and you are all good, help us to depend on you when we are in positions of influence or power so we can do what is right. Each of us wants to have more control in our lives, we don’t like to feel powerless, but help us to lean on you and your wisdom as we make decisions. We do have your power behind us, help us to use it wisely. Amen.

August 4, 2017, 12:34 PM

Summer Words


Shalom, which is often translated as peace, really means wholeness. Yet isn’t that what we really want with peace, a sense of wholeness. That is a sense that all is right with our lives and all is right with the world. Peace is not just the absence of strife or confrontation, but the intertwining of our journeys with acceptance and affirmation of each individual. Peace is growing into the fullness and the richness of the beauty found in the infinite.

Lord, help us to do what we can to promote peace, first peace in our own lives and then peace in the lives of those whom we love. Once we start seeking peace for the lives of those we love we can move to seeking peace for those with whom we disagree. And finally we can seek peace for those with whom we are indifferent. Lord, help us to experience wholeness within our lives as we seek to help others find wholeness in theirs. Amen.