Randy's Reflections
July 24, 2017, 10:00 AM

Summer Words


Something I think we all could do more. Something we could be doing more often if we truly understood the Bible. When you consider the father of Israel was actually a deceiver and a heel (meaning of his name Jacob) before he sired twelve sons who became the twelve tribes of Israel. Also reading about an eighty year old man, Moses, with a speech impediment who confronted the King of Egypt. Telling him to let over a million people leave their employment to worship their God in the desert, yeah right. So often we read the last shall be first and then read how it happens. These stories confirm that God’s plan is more humorous than we would think befits the master of the Universe. And the most amazing humorous thing of all is that a baby, Jesus, comes to earth to bring to us a transformed life and not just us, but everyone who believes in him. Amazingly, wondrous, and fully laughable, who would have thought!

Lord, help us everyday to see humor in our lives. Help us to open our eyes to the those unexpected events in our lives, the surprises that bring a smile to our face. Like making plans for our day and then becoming frustrated when everything doesn’t go our way. We easily forget who is the master of the universe. We also don’t always recognize those unexpected pleasures when something not in our plans falls in our lap that brings us a flutter of joy. Let us not forget the Jewish proverb that says “Man plans and then God laughs.” Help us to laugh being assured it is you who directs the universe and we don't have to. Amen.

July 21, 2017, 11:42 AM

Summer Words


Something that rises up from within. This is not something we achieve or can manufacture. It is something that is a gift from God. It is basking in the presence of God. It is being who we were created to be in the moment. It is like an inner smile, with bubbles. It is holding a new born child, soaking in the beauty of landscape, it is a transcendent experience which has no place or time tied to it. It is a moment of wonder at its best.

Lord, help us to be ready to receive your gift of joy. Let us be patient in our walk, but expectant in meeting you. Joy is like hugging an old friend who we rarely see, but are filled with well-being when we touch. Lord, help us to embrace the moment of beauty, wonder, and your grace when we experience joy. Amen.

July 20, 2017, 1:11 PM

Summer Words


This is not always a word we associate with faith. In fact it seems science and faith often have a “healthy” debate going on around them. There are some who think the mind is of no use in faith and yet wisdom comes from a faithful use of knowledge. It is learning to see beyond the facts or between the lines that suggests a person is wise. I am thankful of the intelligence I have, but I also know that I have to depend on God to use the knowledge I have wisely.

Lord, thank you for our minds. Thank you that you give us the opportunity to use our intelligence in our faith. Though it is not in the Hebrew Scriptures it is the New Testament that we are challenged to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, strength and soul. Let us not short change our potential but shelving our mind just to believe. Help us to believe with our mind and not in spite of our mind. Amen.