Randy's Reflections
July 6, 2017, 12:14 PM

Summer Words


This word speaks to me of the ongoing process of creation. When God created all that there is it was not created to be static. There is an ongoing change to everything that is around us. There is an ongoing transformation. If we are atuned to God and to God''s leading we will continue to become more like we were created to be. Perhaps the essence of who we are is found in the character that is being formed through God's continual creation in us. That to me is what growth is all about.

Lord, help us to be open to your leading in our lives. We know that you can, and will, guide us if we are open to growing in your ways. Help us to be expectant about how we will be changed this day. Help us to look forward to the ways you will help our character develop this day. Help us to long for becoming more like you designed us to be. And we will give you praise for never leaving us the same. Amen.

July 5, 2017, 10:59 AM

Summer Words


Next to forgiveness I think gratitude is probably the best word to describe what it means to be a Christian. Gratitude for God’s love and grace is the best way to describe the true mark of a Christian. Recognizing God has gifted us with life, liberty (free will), and communion (a relationship) should help us always be in an attitude of gratitude. It is true there will be times when life goes sideways, but God is always there beside us. And for that we can be most thankful.

Lord, help us to remember that all we have is from you. Help us to remember that all we are is from you. Help us to remember that all we can be is because of you. If we never forget these things we can’t help but experience gratitude. Thank you for who you are and who we are becoming. Amen.

July 4, 2017, 2:10 PM

Summer Words


This is a great word for a holiday like July 4th. We are so blessed to have the freedoms we have and I think too often we take them for granted.I know those freedoms have cost many people dearly. Some of that cost is to gain the freedom and some of that cost is to maintain that freedom. Yet I believe without God's grace we never would have those freedoms in the first place. It takes courage and sacrifice to gain, maintain, and provide freedom to all and I thank God for raising up people who are willing to do that. I also thank God that we can also be partners in that freedom trilogy. I hope we will continue to provide freedom for all, even at the expense of sacrifices we need to make to see this happen.

Lord, thank you for your grace in our lives. Thank you for those who take up the baton to see that freedom continues to be a hallmark of our nation. Also thank you for those that take up the baton to see that freedom is also a hallmark of our faith. We know that without your grace and the partnership of all those who have sacrificed so much for us we would never experience freedom. Help us to do our part to see that freedom reigns throughout this world and help us to never forget the part you play, through your grace, to see that reign happen. Amen.