Randy's Reflections
June 29, 2017, 11:32 AM

Summer Words


This is a calming word for me. This is a word of tenderness. This is a word of peacefulness. This is not a word used often in a fast-paced, hard-hitting, achievement oriented world like the bay area, but it is a word that helps us focus on the more pleasant things of life. This is a word which I long to experience when I have been bruised and battered during my day. This is a word which reminds me of Jesus as our Shepherd always looking out for our best interests. This is a word which brings healing to the body and soothes the soul. Oh, if this were a word that directed our lives I think we would smile more often and be more attractive to a hurting and harassed world.

Lord, help me to embody your gentleness in treating myself and others with more compassion and care. Lord, help me to receive your care for my soul and offer that care to others. Help me to offer calmness in the midst of chaos, to provide assurance when surrounded by uncertianty, and a loving touch when discomfort threatens to rule our lives. Lord, thank you for your gentleness in my life. Amen.

June 28, 2017, 2:38 PM

Summer Words


That which is evidence of our commitment and work, though not always. I love to see what my hard work has produced, but then it is not always evident. I guess it is good just to hear every once in a while that you make a difference. It is nice to have someone give you a compliment. It is great to see something good happen and to know you were a part of that. As long as we don't only judge ourselves or others by what we see. There are a lot of times when we won't get to see the fruit of our efforts. As Paul says, some are here to plant, others to water, and still others to harvest. Let us seek to follow our calling and not worry about receiving the praise.

Lord, you created us, you guide us, you love us, that is all we really need. It is wonderful to hear good things about ourselves but help us to give you the glory for the good things that happen and for guiding our words and work. Lord, I pray that we will get to see some of the good fruit that comes from our efforts, but help us be mindful that you are the source and you are the one who gives us the opportunity, all we need to do is respond. Thank you for that opportunity.


June 27, 2017, 11:44 AM

Summer Words


This week in our "Marching Through Mark" series we read chapter 16 of this gospel. This is the story of the resurrection. This is when we learn the result of Christ's death on the cross. Because of his death and resurrection are set free from all that holds us back from being the person God created us to be. This is also the week that we prepare for the Sunday closest to July fourth, the holiday that reminds us of our independence from tyranny. That is what sin is for us, a tyrant. Something which enslaves us from true life. So this week let us celebrate our freedom in Christ and that way next week we can celebrate our freedom as a nation. The truth will set you free and then you will be free indeed.

Lord, you have taken on all that which keeps us from truly living life as it was meant to be. You have conquered death and paid for our sins. We give you thanks and celebrate the freedom which only we can enjoy because of your sacrifice. Let us proclaim in word and deed the freedom you have given us and let us not hold anyone back from expereincing that freedom also, be they family, friends or foreigners. It is through you that freedom can ring, let it ring loudly for all. Amen.