Randy's Reflections
December 26, 2017, 11:56 AM

Advent Words of Winter

(Christmas is here, but I want to continue share a word with you through the end of the year. So, the last song we sang for Christmas Eve night was “Silent Night, Holy Night.” That is the song from where the words will come this week.)


Usually the Christmas season is anything but calm. Perhaps that is why we need to think about how we can reclaim calmness in our lives. We have had moments of calmness. Perhaps before or after a storm. Perhaps when a major task is finished or when the evening comes at the end of a  busy day. Or perhaps just before we rise in the morning. There is calmness in nature, just as there are storms. How can you set aside some time for calmness in your day? Maybe in the morning just before you get up is the best time, or midday before you have lunch, or maybe at the end of the day, just after you crawl into bed. Take a moment and ask God to bring you calmness, so you can rest and be refreshed for the next task, day, or event.

Lord, please bring some calmness into our lives. Help us to take a little time to enjoy the moment. Help us to be grateful for a small respite or a slow breath. We can’t manufacture calmness, but we can discover it. Give us the awareness to know when is the time to experience it. Lord thank you for this moment of calmness today. Amen.

December 23, 2017, 12:00 AM

Advent Words of Winter


Something all of us carry, or it carries us. We can not survive without our flesh, without our body, and yet when Jesus came it was something he had to put on to blend in. Or maybe he came in the flesh to understand more what it was like to walk on this earth with pain and sorrow. But I think he also experienced joy and wonder. Perhaps the best reason he came in the flesh was so we would listen to him. God certainly knows we weren’t very good listeners when God was speaking to us before, even when God spoke through the priesthood or the prophets. Yet now we can read what Jesus said or at least through the Holy Spirit hear the message. I am glad he came in the flesh, for we have no excuse to not hear, believe, and/or choose to follow him. And that is a good thing.

Lord, help us to recognize that you walked on this earth, just as we walk on it. You saw the wonder and experienced the joy, just as we do. You experienced the suffering and you felt the pain, just as we do. And through it all you chose to die for us, that we might experience what it means to have a new spirit within us. A spirit that brings us peace and joy beyond our normal understanding. Thank you for appearing in the flesh and for your followers who share with us the message and the actions you took as a human being. May we not be weighed down with our flesh, but be inspired, motivated, and transformed through your spirit. Amen.

December 21, 2017, 11:57 AM

Advent Words of Winter


A member of a group defined by location is a citizen. You are a subject of that community. In this song the location is heaven. It is a place where angels and human beings, together, rejoice in the Lordship of Jesus. This is where people of faith come to celebrate the Lord of the universe. Though we can sing of it now, in the future we will celebrate it in person. Where is your citizenship? What country or place are you a subject of or a committed participant?

Lord, help us to be the citizens we need to be here on earth, but always with a goal to ultimately be citizens in heaven. This means we need to commit to your lordship and we need to follow your lead. We need to remember that the things we do on this earth will pass away, but the love we have and the love we give will last forever. Lord, help us to love as you love us, to embrace as you have embraced us, to offer grace as we have been offered grace. This is how we more fully become a citizen of your kingdom. Amen.