Communion Server Responsibilities

Communion Server Responsibilities (revised 7/5/12)

Please arrive at 9:15 a.m. and let the Pastor know you are here. If a problem arises Sunday morning, try to contact one of the Worship Elders or try the church office (the phone may or may not be picked up.) Do your best to be here or contact us.

Elders: If you are Assisting Elder on a Communion Sunday, please don’t volunteer to serve communion, we have already included you in communion servers.

Intinction Method

Three servers are needed to serve by intinction (only two when the choir is not present). Come sit in the front pew as the Pastor calls you up. When the Pastor moves forward with the plates of bread, stand and receive them. Two servers go to the front corners of the sanctuary, the third serves the choir and organist. The Assisting Elder receives the cup from the Pastor, then stands back to back with the Pastor in the center. The congregation is directed to come forward down the side aisles. As each person takes a piece of bread, please say “This is Christ’s body, broken for you.” (If you run low on bread, the Deacon’s leave an extra plate of bread on the corner of the front pew on each side.) The Pastor and Assisting Elder hold the cups and say “This is Christ’s blood, shed for you” as congregants dip the bread into the juice.

When everyone is finished, all four should come to the center and take communion with the Pastor. After all have received communion, return one cup and one tray of bread to the Pastor, then two servers serve communion to the Sunday School Staff then bring the plate and cup to the Deacon’s kitchen.

Served Method

Three servers are needed, as well as the Assisting Elder for this communion style. Please come forward as described above. The Pastor will hand each of you a plate of bread. Two servers serve each half of the sanctuary, one on the outside and one on the inside aisle, and the elements are passed down the pews much like the offering plates. The Pastor serves the Organist and the choir. As you pass the bread, please say “This is Christ’s body, broken for you.” When the bread has been served to everyone, come forward together to return the trays to the Pastor and be seated in the front pews to receive the bread.

Serve the cups as you served the bread, this time saying, “This is Christ’s blood, shed for you.” When the cups have been served to everyone, be seated to receive the cup.

Once all have received the cup, two servers take both elements, serve the Sunday School staff, then return those trays to the Deacon’s kitchen.