October 2017  
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JKPC Veterans

John Knox Presbyterian Church is proud of our church family Veterans.

During the November 13 Worship Service, we honored our JKPC men and women Veterans for their service to God and their Country.  CLICK HERE for Pictures.

Below is this year's video presentation shown in honor of Veterans Day,
with all of the JKPC Veterans listed at the botton of the page.


 Thank you Lyall Barrett for coordinating & creating this video!
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Following is a list of JKPC Veterans. 

Albrecht, Ted (D)  USA
Barrett, Lyall  USN (Ret)
Beebe, Robert USAF

Biddle, Don   USA
Compton, Bob (D) USN

Eason, Chandler  USA
Edwards, Ray (D)    USAAC

Floth, Ed (D)   USA
Harper, John USN
Haynes, Bill    USAF (Ret)
Holstrom, Tom    USN
Husted, Stan    USN (Ret)
Irwin, Hank    USN
Jamison, Mavis    USN
Kennedy, Russ USAF

Lim, Howard    USAF
McIntyre, Peter    CAFI (Ret)

Miller, Jerry    USN (Ret)
Morrow, David (D)    USN (Ret)
Ogden, Don (D)   USAAC
Peterson, Pete  USA
Prestegard, Peter  USCG
Rauch, David  USA

Ruedi, Paul    USA
Saupe, Owen  (D)  USAF

Sites, Ed (D)   USA
Snowden, Rick  USAF
Smith, Bob    USA
Spruit, Bill    USA
Van Brunt, Murray (D) USNG
Warner, Cal    USA
Wills, Sam    USN
Woods, Larry    USAF


If we are missing any names, please contact Lyall Barrett at projects33@aol.com