September 2018  
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Meets in Room D.
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Alateen meets in Fellowship Hall.
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Alapreteen meets in the Library.
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Kairos Prison Ministry

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Listen, Listen, Love, Love (Kairos Motto)

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Kairos is an International Prison Ministry with their headquarters located in DeBary, Florida. There are three Ministries within this organization. The first being Kairos Inside which takes place within the confines of a prison. These are held for both men and women. Kairos Outside, which is a weekend held for the women who have a loved one incarcerated. Then the third is Kairos Torch which is for the youth that are incarcerated.

In Northern California, we currently have teams going into San Quentin,
Sacramento, Valley State Prison, Central California Women’s Facility, Salinas,
Atwater, Vacaville and Dublin FCI. Prior to the weekend, the Outside team has spent a minimum of 5 Saturdays putting the weekend together and getting the team members acquainted. These weekends start on Friday afternoon, on a three day weekend, ending on Monday afternoon.

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At this time, the only Kairos Torch program in the state is held in Stockton, CA at two Youth Facilities, CHAD and CLOSE, both located on the same property. These weekends start on a Friday afternoon and run through Sunday afternoon. Then, the Outside team goes back one night a week for six months to mentor one on one with a young man. This program involves young males that are 15 to 22 years old and are serving time. Our goal is to show these young men that there is someone that cares about them and wants them to succeed when they are released back into the outside real world.

There is a Women’s weekend scheduled at CCWF, Chowchilla on
February 10 to 13, 2017. Our own Terry Han is leading Kairos Torch #6. Sherry Sheets will be working on both teams.

Contact either of them to learn how you can help to make these weekends a success. Thank you!