Randy's Reflections
December 5, 2018, 11:57 PM

Advent Words of Welcome


    Notice the word today is in the past tense. That means what has been looked for is no longer missing or has been found. I think throughout the Advent season many of us are searching for something. I pray that our searching will end soon and that we will know when we find it, for sometimes we aren’t always aware for what we are truly searching, but I do believe God will help us find what we truly need.

    Lord, you have given us the desire for more than what we have, so we continue searching. Yet the paradox is true that you give us also all that we need. So help in our searching for us to find that which was needed and then be content to receive it. Perhaps the desire for more is that we share what we have found. For it is in sharing that we truly become grateful for what we have received. Amen.