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Good afternoon. I feel a bit guilty, but I am heading off for vacation tomorrow and will be gone till Saturday. I am not sure of the internet connection in the mountains so I wanted to leave you with some thoughts and suggestions for the week when we are far apart.

    It has been a good challenge for me to write to you every day, except on Sundays, as we negotiate this time of Shelter in Place. It has become an important part of my daily walk and I will miss sharing with you some of my thoughts and receiving your responses.

    As we move into the next week I wanted to give you some ideas of what you and I could read together as we jaunt through the next six days, before Sunday is upon us. I will follow these suggestions as well and would love to hear some of your thoughts if you are willing to share them with me.

    The Psalms have been used for centuries as a special part of personal devotions. Their poetry, profundity, and expression have been challenging as well as comforting. So I thought we could read the six Psalms listed below together. My suggestion is to read one each day in the morning just before you begin your day. Perhaps read it again sometime later in the day, lunchtime or early afternoon, and then read it again in the evening.

    If you feel so inclined make some notes about how the Psalm strikes you at different points in your day. Perhaps a phrase comes back to you some time during the day. Perhaps you are inspired or comforted or challenged. Maybe the meaning of some of the phrase changes for you throughout the day. Perhaps the Psalm can soothe you or unsettle you, but try to listen to what God is saying through this Psalm to you.

    I would also suggest that one of those times you read the Psalm out loud. Read it some place where it is quiet and you won’t disturb others and no one will disturb you.

    I look forward to reading these Psalms with you and if you have a favorite you want to substitute please be sure to do that. And if you feel so inclined let me know at the end of the week if you have a new favorite or if the old one is still the best. You may of course have more than one favorite and that is great.

    I will be reading Psalm 1, Psalm 23, Psalm 46, Psalm 91, Psalm 103, and Psalm 121.

    I hope at the end of this week you will find yourself refreshed and ready to celebrate our Lord on Sunday.


    Pastor Randy

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