Community in Action "15 minutes of Fame" April 8, 2020

This week we are reflecting on “Whose disciple are we?” 

    In the wilderness Jesus continues to be tempted by the deceiver. Yesterday we talked about our physical needs, today the temptation touches on our emotional needs. Jesus is taken to the highest point on the temple. From there he can look at all the people who are populating Jerusalem. The temptation is to throw one self off that pinnacle so that God would prove his love for his son by catching him before he hits the ground.

    Yet this temptation is not so much to prove of God’s love as it is feed our desire for popularity. Fame is fleeting, yet most of us wouldn’t mind having our “fifteen minutes of fame.” How many of us long to be acknowledged? We want people to respect us. We want that pat on the back. We want our good deed for the day to be noticed.

    That is not all bad for we were created for community and we to seek the approval of the community is fine as long as it doesn’t counter the approval of God. Sometimes our self-esteem becomes too dependent on how the community treats us. Sometimes we rely too much on what other people want instead of what God wants.

    It is great to be liked, but not when it compromises our integrity. We are all important in God’s eyes, but sometimes we feel that is not enough.

    Let us remember we are all gifted. We all play an important role in this world. Let us acknowledge God loves us and we don’t have to earn the love of others by becoming who they think we should be.

    Let us seek to be that disciple who God calls us to be and know that is enough.


    Pastor Randy

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