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We have a little flip card devotional at our “Coffee Bar” in the office. Today’s message is from 1 Timothy 4:7, “Spend your time and energy in the exercise of keeping spiritually fit.” What a great reminder!!

    I know many of us have used this time to strengthen our selves physically with more walking, biking or running. I also know many of us have worked on growing in our relationships with family and friends. Some of us have improved our skills at cooking and cleaning the house (Really?).

    If you have had the opportunity to visit us on Youtube or Facebook Live for worship that is great also, but do you spend more time to be spiritually fit? I know it is easier to study the bible with a group, it is easier to grow in our faith when we can share our prayer concerns and joys. It is easier to continue a habit of church attendance or being involved in church activities when those things are happening weekly, but new habits can still be formed.

    We are indeed in a new era, a new time, a “new normal.” So why not set aside, if you haven’t already, some time in your day to pray, study, and listen to God? Now is a great time to begin a new pattern of living that intentionally includes exercise in your spiritual life.

    I have tried to read daily, and I think I am almost there, a devotional on Karl Barth’s thoughts about faith. When I walk I ponder the world I see looking more closely not just at my path, but the beauty and wonder around me. It is fabulous seeing the newly born ducklings grow, it seems, almost daily.

    When I see people I intentionally greet them. I don’t always wait for eye contact, but I try to say hello to each person I pass on the trail. There are some for whom when out of view I say a little pray.

    Let us take advantage of this time, not just for new cooking, or cleaning, skills, but new patterns of spiritual attentiveness. It certainly couldn’t hurt and you will be more fit for such a practice.

    Blessings as we grow in our faith together,

    Pastor Randy

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