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    This is not one of my favorite things to do. Right there, even saying this lets me know how hard it is because when you are “waiting” you aren’t “doing.” “Doing” means you are active and “waiting” seems like such a passive status.

    Yet waiting is part of life. We wait to grow up, to be able to do those things we long to do. Driving, dating, graduating, marrying, birthing, job searching, these all are things that involve waiting. 

    This week I have learned more about waiting as I try to bake my first “three ingredient” sourdough bread. It involved waiting in line at Trader Joe’s for about ten minutes ( short time compared to some days) to get into the store. It also involved coming back a second time because they had run out of flour (this actually was my fourth store trying to buy flour).

    I also experienced waiting for the two days for the initial starter (one which Joan had made about two years ago) to activate the half cup of flour I was using as the sourdough starter for this loaf. Once the starter was thoroughly mixed into the five cups of flour I waited another twelve hours before folding and shaping the dough.

    Once it was shaped I put it in proofing baskets over night, another 15 hours. It took about another hour to bake at two different settings and with the lid on and then off. It is on the cooling rack right now and I will try it once Joan gets home from her bike ride. Hopefully the waiting will be worth it.

    It is kind of like what many of us are going through with the Shelter in Place ordiance. We are waiting to do what we have always done, but we were interrupted from continuing to do it. But just as the outcome of the bread is an unknown now, I still learned a lot in my attempt at making the sourdough bread.

    So too, we have had a “God-given” opportunity to assess our relationships, our goals, and our hopes in this life. We can start over in developing some new more healthy habits of eating, exercising, and connecting with others.

    Just this morning I met a new neighbor, new to me, though she has been here 29 years, who was walking the neighborhood. She is a teacher in Oakland and her husband is a Consultant currently out of work.

    They attend, and she helps pastor, a Methodist church in Oakland. I hope as restrictions  loosen up we can have more conversations and share our hopes, dreams and goals together. It is amazing how many things we have in common and they are just around the corner.

    So even if the bread will feed the birds instead of me, I have learned a little more about how to wait, about how to listen and learn while in this world. And I am better for it. How about you?

    Waiting with you,

    Pastor Randy

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