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As I chat with people on our walks or in the store I head a lot of people saying, “it seems like one day just runs into the next.” We start to feel like we are losing our bearings and we forget someone’s birthday or anniversary or some appointment we made because we lose track of the days.

    So how do we keep track of time around us when it seems one day is just like the next. If we work, we work from home and the lines blur between the work week and the weekend. If we exercise we are limited to walking or working out in the garage, there is no pick up basketball game or Men’s softball game or days of the week when we can go swimming.

    Chaos is something which seems opposite of order. When the world around us is in chaos, how do we keep sane? If we look at the creation around us there seems to be some kind of order to it. There are seasons throughout the year. There are migrations of animals from one part of the continent to another. Even the oceans have currents which follow a similar pattern.

    Admiral William McRaven said make your bed every morning and it will have a positive impact on your well being and the rest of the day. Now this means of course you have to get out of the bed and that can be the first step to bring order to your life. Just getting up and thanking God for another day is a great habit to have. This begins the day with an expectation that something amazing will happen today. That special event maybe another view of creation, maybe a graceful encounter with another human being, or even a new hope that something good can happen out of all the chaos around us.

    Paul speaks to the Corinthians about worship in chapter 14 of his first letter we have recorded. He talks about speaking in tongues and about prophecy. This is not something we experience in our church gatherings, but it does allude to exuberance in worship. Paul says that this is a good thing, if it is within limits. Worship should be a joyful experience, but worship should also be an experience where we hear God challenge us in how to better live out our faith. To hear such a challenge requires thoughtfulness and though this isn’t the opposite of exuberance it definitely is on the other side of the continuum.

    So I think we can look at chaos and order as on the same continuum. We sometimes need chaos to shake us up from being complacent about our life. But we need order to help us figure out what things we need to change and how to go about making that change.

    So let us look at our current chaos as an opportunity to learn how we can better order our lives. Let us follow Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 14:40, “but all things should be done decently and in order.” Maybe you don’t have to make your bed every morning, but I urge you to do something that becomes an anchor for your day. Do something that reminds you God was able to create order out of chaos. So we too, who are created in God’s image, can do the same.

    I would love to hear what you do during your day which helps anchor you or give you a sense of order during this time of chaos.


    Pastor Randy

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