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Empty Hands

    I don’t know about you, but I have been praying a lot more these past few weeks. Reading my devotional, Breakfast with Barth, I was reminded that sometimes our posture, figuratively and physically, makes a difference in how we pray.

    Do we pray clasping our hands together hoping to grasp on to the answer we want to hear? Do we pray with our palms and fingers together bowing our head in deference to the Almighty Powerful God’s will? Or do we pray with open hands ready to receive what God desires us to have?

    Barth suggests the best way to pray is expectantly, but with open hands held out in front of us. We need to be wiling to receive what God gives us. We have no idea of all the needs in the world and though Jesus directs us to pray to “Our Father” we aren’t the only ones in need. What may benefit us may be a detriment to someone else. What we strongly desire may actually be injurious to our well-being.

    Even though we aren’t the only one on the planet who is praying I do believe God desires to give each of us what we truly need. We may not recognize our true need, but God longs for us to become who we were created to be. God longs to have an open relationship and satisfying relationship with us. God longs to answer our prayers.

    So today when we pray, myself included, let us pray with open hands. Let us pray with empty hands. Hands that will be filled with God’s love, nurture, and compassion in the answers we receive.

    We are his own and he pours out his love on us, like a fountain filing our cup to overflowing.


    Pastor Randy

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