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One of our annual requirements as a church body is to elect new leadership for the coming term. We try to rotate people in for a three year term so we aren’t trying to elect a whole new board each year. I think we do a pretty good job choosing people who have been here a long time and those who are fairly new.

    I see competent people who have finished their term leave the board and I wonder who will step up next? How will we find people who can do the job just as well as the person who just left? Since some of the ministries require some special expertise I don’t have any idea where we can find a person to fit the bill. Yet, usually by election time, we have people who are willing and able to fill all the positions needed.

    I am so amazed that we have people that are ready and willing to meet the challenge of leadership head on. Of course we try to provide some guidance, usually from the outgoing elder or deacon, but it is a challenge.

    I am thankful to everyone who is willing to step out a limb or throw their hat in the ring to take on these challenges. Whether you have been in recognized leadership for one year or six I thank you. Some of you have had a step learning curve and for your perseverance I thank you. Some of you have found that a certain leadership position isn’t for you, but instead you have found the place where you can contribute to the ministry in a different way and I thank you as well.

    We are body of people who are here to root for each of you as you try new positions or try new things in your current position. We want people to discover where they best fit and also what is something that will challenge them two they can grow as a person.

    I also want to thank all of you who don’t have official leadership positions, yet you tend the plants, you mow the lawn, you get rid of our gophers, you trim the weeds. Some of you step up financially to help us during this time and hopefully most of you, if not all, are praying for the ministry at John Knox Presbyterian Church. One reason we are here is to show the world what it means to live in the Kingdom of God.

    Thank you one and all for all you do and for who you are becoming,

    Pastor Randy

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