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    Peaceful. This is a word I would describe the walks Joan and I take each morning. Though we do hear some geese honking or ducks squawking or birds chirping, as well as water flowing along, about half of our walk is shrouded in true peacefulness. Just as Shelter in Place is nearing an end, it seems so is the level of peacefulness on our walks is nearing an end too.

    This last week we noticed fewer people out walking in the mornings, but we also noticed more traffic on the overpasses which cover different sections of our walk. It seems there has been an uptick in the number of vehicles using the freeway.

    Part of the joy of our walk has been the quiet or nearly quiet, on our walks. We can hear the rustle of wind through the leaves, the gurgling of the water over the rocks and minor falls along the way. The different songs of the birds and the chirping of the crickets can be heard as we meander or saunter on the walk way.

    But that was then, now we are again having to filter out, in our hearing, the increasing traffic as we try to listen to the birds, the water, and insects that brought us a sense of peacefulness before. Still when I walk Sunday mornings there is less noise, but traffic has never completely stopped on the freeways.

    The noise level increases especially where we walk under the 580 & 680 interchange, partially because we also have to travel under the Bart tracks. I am thankful that section is only for about fifty yards. Once we pass to the other side the peacefulness returns.

    I need to remember that I am not in the Sierras or the Redwood National Forest, but along a walk way which runs through one of the most populated centers in California. And so I am thankful for the peacefulness we had and can still capture, at certain moments, on certain portions, of that walk way.

    I am also thankful we have access to so many sites which provide us with grocery stores, home good stores, and other retail stores to meet our various needs. We have ready access to medical facilities, coffee shops, and vehicle repair shops.

    We are truly blessed to be in this location. I will miss the quieter walks near by, but there are still a plethora of hiking trails, waterways, and outdoor sites for activities of which I hope to take advantage this summer.

    For today I will enjoy the peacefulness of another day at home and maybe tomorrow enjoy another part of the peacefulness by the water way. It is time to be calm and carry on.

    Blessings and peace to you,

    Pastor Randy


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