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God Shows Up

The last twenty-four hours have been a little rough for me. Today is the one year anniversary of my mother leaving this earth, I had an email which concerns me, and sleep left me at 3:30 am this morning. Not my best day.

    YET!! While Joan and I were walking this morning we decided to go a bit further than usual. As we ambled, well, really more of a determined hike, we saw the usual baby ducks, congregating geese, lone cormorant, elusive night herons, both female and male, and a few egrets.

    It was turning into a good healthy walk. We chatted about our concerns, our appointments for the day, and some of our plans for tomorrow. We neared the destination we have picked and then decided we would go a little further, just because.

    I was feeling the longer a walk a bit, but glad we decided to stretch our course since the sun was out and the air was crisp. On our walk back from our newest destination point Joan noticed not one, but two egrets, one after the other, flying north. I just happened to turn from viewing them trying to see where they came from when lo and behold! ( a good biblical phrase ), I saw the rookery.

    Yes, it is true. I remember seeing my first rookery as we were kayaking in the delta. It was a rookery of egrets and great blue herons along the shoreline, but I never imagined one along the busy stretch of 680 just after Stoneridge Drive.

    It was right there, across the freeway from us, about two hundred yards away. We saw eight nesting egrets and one great blue heron. We could hear bird sounds, and though I am not astute enough to distinguish baby egret noises from other bird noises I think it was young egrets making the sounds.

    It was amazing. We have been taking these daily walks for ten weeks now and this is the first time I have seen the rookery. Sure it was only the second time we walked that far, but we also have been driving by that same tree for twelve years now.

    In the midst of trials, struggles, and disappointments, God shows up. God, in the most unexpected ways, appears. Do we always see God? I don’t. Sometimes I think we are like a person with scales over our eyes and until some else removes those scales we don’t see what is really all around us. I think sometimes God allows those scales to remain until we are ready to have our eyes truly opened. It is then we realize that God is there, God is here, God is always showing up, we just need to be attentive to the signs, like those two egrets we saw, and be ready to see him.

    This is the best illustration of grace there is for me. Unexpected, unsuspected, unknowingly grace is right there before us. We just need to embrace it when we see it. It is a good day.

    Praying you see God showing up in your life today,

    Pastor Randy

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