Community in Action

    I will be so glad when we meet in person again. I have had some good conversations with many of you on the phone or during zoom meetings. I have enjoyed looking at your postings and comments on Facebook or reading the personal emails you have sent me, but it is not the same.

    I have to admit I am not lonely in the office by myself and besides sometimes we have another staff person here at the same time. I certainly am getting a lot of reading, writing, and projects completed because others aren’t around.

    I have had a few conversations with people on campus who are working on the yard or in between times when we are during the worship service and even a few times when someone has come to me with a concern.

    But I miss seeing all of you on Sunday mornings. I miss not having people just stop by to say hi or sharing a concern they have or even have some great news to share. I look forward to when we can meet again, but for now we will just have to continue the way we are.

    I will also be glad when I am not the only one fighting the cobwebs which creep over the gates when not used often enough. I will also be glad to be able to join you for coffee and treats during fellowship time. I will also be glad to have to dodge kids running around before, during, and after services.

    Thank all of you for your presence in this place and may we meet again soon.


    Pastor Randy

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