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I hate to be wrong. I hate to make accusations based on the facts I have and find out I was wrong. Yesterday I complained, just a bit, about our neighbors using our dumpster. I wasn’t wrong about that, because we have currently three car seats which were left by our dumpster last week.

    What I am wrong about is that a lot of the cardboard stuffed in the recycle bin which caused it to jam so it couldn’t be emptied was not from a neighbor, at least most of it. I found out yesterday talking to one of our members that he thinks the cardboard came from the packaging around our new kitchen cabinets in the east side of the kitchen.

    That’s right during the last three weeks the east side of the kitchen in fellowship hall has been completely remodeled. We have new cabinets, a new sink, faucet, and garbage disposal. We have a new counter top and a splash guard and new knobs for the cabinets are on the way, knobs which match. exactly, the ones on the west side of the kitchen.

    So the reason we had so much recycled cardboard in the bin is because of all those improvements. So I need to confess to you I was wrong (dang). It actually is a good thing, because one it reminds me to be careful not to jump to conclusions when I don’t have all the facts. It also reminds me that even when I think I might have all the facts I may learn something new which will completely change my view.

    Lastly, it reminds me that it is okay to be wrong. Just once you realize you are wrong then we need to make amends. So please know that I made a mistake and that, in this case not the case of couch drop off, but in this case our neighbors were not taking advantage of our dumpsters.

    So forgive me, neighbors and thank you readers for your forgiveness as well. I look forward celebrating our new kitchen soon, even though it caused a little blip in our garbage pick up (Matthew 18:21-22).


    Pastor Randy

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