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Joan and I have been walking along this canal daily for months now. You would think we had seen everything there is to see, but today we saw a momma Wood Duck with her babies. I thought that all the ducks in the canal were Mallards, but they are not.

    We have seen Wood Ducks, Mergansers, Ring Necked Ducks, and of course lots of Canada Geese. We still see a variety of other birds, but it has been interesting to realize the variety of ducks is more than I ever imagined.

    I think it is telling that as we pay closer attention to our world around us the wonder will increase. I remember as we were walking down the trail about six weeks ago we noticed more than one Egret flying overhead across the 680 freeway. As we continued to watch we realized they were landing in a tree, a tree that was filled with more Egrets, at least ten.

    We have driven that freeway for decades, even before I knew there was a Dublin, and I never knew it had an Egret Rookery along side it in Pleasanton. We had never taken the time to look around us in the place where we lived and taken time to look up into the tree which housed almost a dozen Egret nests.

    What else are we missing in this world? What are we not seeing that would amaze us? Do we need to stop what we are doing and just take a moment to gaze at the world around us? What more will we see?

    This morning we not only saw all those different ducks, but we saw flowers along the canal. We saw a turtle climbing down the bank, the weeds moving as it made its way slowly down the embankment, till it finally slid the final three feet into the water.

    I hope today you will be able to see not only the nature around you, but you and I will see the people who are all different shapes and sizes. I hope we will see those who have a lift in their step and those who are weary. I hope we will take a moment to really look at one person and pray for their day as they face perhaps the same struggle they have every day or pray that the joy they are showing will follow them into their home.

    Let us notice the world around us, but more importantly let us notice the people and give them a blessing for their day. We just may be giving them the only blessing they will have this day and we all need a blessing no matter who were are.

    Praying for eyes to see and words of blessing to give with you,

    Pastor Randy

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