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Rock for the Ages

I love seeing rocks along the paths where I walk. Like the one I have on the side of this missive.  I saw this on Joan’s and my daily walk by the canal. It beautifully painted dove on it and I, of course, thought of the Holy Spirit. And though it didn’t follow us throughout our walk it was definitely a sign along the path that we are not alone.

    I found one in front of our sign outside the church on the Amarillo Street side today. Another reminder that wherever we go there are signs of the Holy Spirit accompanying us, no matter where we are. We can be at work, we can be at play, we can be in familiar place, or we can be in a strange place, but the Holy Spirit is there for us.

    This week will be the fourteenth Sunday we have done virtual worship, on June 14th. We long to gather together and last night at our Vision Task Force meeting we talked about making sure when we can gather in person again to have a special homecoming Sunday.

    I think many of us are tired of this quarantined time. Yet, I think it is still a time necessary as I hear those states who have loosened their restrictions having to deal with an up surge of cases. We need to always remember the social distancing is not so much for ourselves as it is for those with whom we come in contact. Some day we will be able to gather in person again.

    So the Holy Spirit is not only here for us now, but will give us the stamina we need to continue this unprecedented quarantine walk. The Holy Spirit also gives us opportunities to learn more about our need for a relationship with God and with each other.

    As I think about those I am close to and my inability to be near them in times of jubilation and in times of trial I can give over my concern to the one who is always available to us, the Holy Spirit.

    I am glad I do not have to take care of the entire world, but I miss being next to those I care about. I do believe soon that will change and then hopefully we will be more grateful for the relationships we have.

 The rock shown above is a silent reminder, but before Joan and I walked away we decided to see if there was a word for us, and anyone else who was curious about  what might be on the other side of the rock.  

It says “Peace to all families of all races.” This rock, through the spirit, has a blessing to all who are acknowledge its presence and who are interested in what wisdom they might find on the underside of this rock.

    So as the rock reminds us of the Holy Spirit and the words remind us of our greatest need, so I desire to wish you peace, to you and yours,

    Pastor Randy

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