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Today I walked by myself because Joan was heading out for a bike ride with friends. Sometimes she has gone walking with me even though she is biking later, but today it will be a longer bike ride and she also donated blood yesterday afternoon.

    Today as I walked I noticed, that even though it is Saturday, there was more traffic on the road ways. The noice level has steadily increased and interestingly the foot traffic on the path way has diminished.

    I am partly sad about that, because I enjoy saying “hi” to the regulars and I love greeting new people I haven’t met on the path way before. I am also sad because I think people are getting back to their former life style and the tempo of life is returning to its faster pace.

    I am still glad to see a few familiar faces on the path way and there are still all kinds of water fowl and animals around the water ways which make it enjoyable and satisfying. (I think I saw a weasel the other day, still researching that one). In fact today I saw 30 ducklings, several fish, 9 Egrets (Snowy and Common), 7 Great Blue Herons, six Canada geese, four Stilts, four Black-Crowned Herons, three cats, two male Wood Ducks, two Cormorants, and one Red-Tailed Hawk, not to mention all the Mallards, both male and female.

    The walk was a long one, but satisfying. Someday the fitness center will open again, but I will need to alternate with these long walks with visiting there. Staring at weight machines and elliptical machines don’t replace the aliveness of all the creatures we have been seeing over the last three months.

    I don’t know what your plan is, but I want to keep some of the habits I have developed, like the walking, eating more healthy, and connecting with people more often.

    I hope for you, as well as myself, that we won’t let this time go to waste. We have been given an opportunity to reset our priorities and our commitments. As I mentioned on the phone the other day after some one from the Apple service center helped me, I want to be more intentional with my words, actions, and presence (This was after he asked me what I thought about all this corona virus stuff.)

    I hope all of us will take the lessons we have learned and incorporate the positive ones into our schedule, for this time has been an opportunity like no other, so let us use it well.


    Pastor Randy

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