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This week I began reading my new devotional, Coffee with Calvin. It is by the same editor who did Breakfast with Barth. These authors from the past were devoted Christians and great thinkers. They offer us much to consider and are great teachers for our faith journey.

    Yesterday Calvin reminded me that even though we worship one God that God is made up of three persons, which we call the Trinity. The word trinity is not in the bible, but the concept is everywhere. The God who is the creator began all things and Calvin says the creator is also the fountain and wellspring of all things. God is the one who is calling Abraham and all his offspring to become that blessing which can be shared with others.

    Calvin describes the Son, Jesus, as the one with wisdom and counsel and I would say the model of who we can be and who we are to become. Jesus is so compassionate, so forgiving, and so focused on living out his calling he is not only our Lord, but our inspiration.

    The Holy Spirit, described by Calvin, is the one assigned the power and efficacy of our activity. If we don’t have the energy to grow in our faith and meet the challenges we face we will never be change or be transformed.

    In prayers I often thank God for all of creation and our existence, while I turn to Jesus for discernment or counsel as well as for remedy for my situation. These are all good, but if I don’t look to the Holy Spirit, our advocate, the one who Jesus said would come after him John 14:16, as our motivator, all our plans and expectations will die on the vine.

    We need motivation to make changes in our life so we can become who God created us to be. It is the wise counsel of Jesus who shares with us what areas we need to have changed and transformed to be that new creature, as Paul calls it, 2 Corinthians 5:17.

    The Trinity is not an easy concept to understand and we all know that we are just putting on words to clothe this concept so we can better understand our God. I do find that it seems these three, the Creator, the Son, and the Holy Spirit all seem to intertwine. Perhaps that is why a three strand cord is not easily broken Ecclesiastes 4:12.

    Let us continue to seek wisdom from Jesus so we can be transformed into the creature we were created to be and ask the Spirit to give us motivation to never weary from that seeking.

    Blessings to you,

    Pastor Randy

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