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As of this moment we are planning to reopen the sanctuary on June 28th for in-person worship. The Worship Committee is meeting today to make final preparations. We have sent out some information already, see the June Newsletter, and will be sending more information about our State, County, and Session approved protocols.

    This is an exciting time, but it is also an anxious time. Some people can hardly wait and others want to wait longer. This will be up to the individual about attending. We will still have Facebook Live running and we will probably have to make adjustments on the fly no matter how much we plan.

    This has been prayerfully, thoughtfully, and enthusiastically planned. It is something, that as Presbyterians, we are doing decently and in order, a motto of the church from ages past. This will be history in the making and I am looking forward to high fiving from a far.

    Have there been other milestones in your life which were exciting, but concerning? I know graduating from High School and later College, which was exhilarating, but also a time I felt great trepidation. Those past experiences remind me that God was by my side as I moved into an unknown world.

    I would say even as I reflect on my mother’s passing away a year ago I realize I am now the oldest generation still alive in my family. I can no longer call my mom for advice or look to her for affirmation or rely on her presence to bring a smile to my face.

    It also makes me think a bit about George Floyd as he called for his mother, who was already gone, as his life slowly ebbed away. How lonely, frightening, and helpless that must have felt.

    Yet we are not in that moment. We are in a moment where we have our church family surrounding us with love and affirmation and well wishing as we embark on reopening our in-person worship service.

    I am so glad we are studying Philippians this summer as we learn from Paul about rejoicing no matter what our circumstances. We are learning to be thankful for what we have and learning about the need to stay connected and to support each other. We are learning again about how amazing the grace is that God gives us even when we don’t deserve it, though the kind of grace God gives us can never be earned by us. 

    I look forward to the coming weeks as more and more of us will be ready to join our in-person services. We each have our own situation, our own physical concerns, and our own emotional concerns, so let us respect those who come early on and those who come later. Let us continue to be the community of faith which God has called us to be, loving each person for who they are and whose they are. 

    Celebrating with gratitude this day, as I think of all of you, as children of God.

    Pastor Randy

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