Community in Action April 21, 2021

Each of you should give

what you have decided in your heart to give,

not reluctantly or under complusion,

for God loves a cheerful giver.

2 Corinthians 9:7

When we first moved into the house on Penn Drive it had a dirt parking space for an RV or a boat along the side of the house. I talked with the landlord and we agreed I could make this place into a garden area. I decided to lay some paving stones and build some raised garden beds in this space.

    In order to lay the paving stones I needed to dig out a six by eight foot space. There would need to be a base of gravel before I put down the stones. But what to do with all the dirt or should I say the clay that would come out of that hole? 

    I decided to take an idea one of our members in Iowa had when he built a berm, a mound of dirt with flowering plants spaced among some large, 12 by 24 inch, rocks. The ground cover around the rocks and flowers would be wood chips.

    It took me about six weeks, but the laying of the pavers went remarkably well, though my truck suffered hauling the load of gravel from a local landscaping business. The berm slowly took shape with the dirt being piled up and some plants purchased from a nursery where I consulted with the experts about which plants would grow well and provide a beautiful mini landscaped mound.

    The large rocks were already in the back yard and there were also quarter rounded bricks which would hold the dirt in place away from the sidewalk in the front of the berm. This berm has continued to provide an eye pleasing view by our driveway.

    This week when I was working on trimming and marveling at the complementary colors of the bushes and flowers growing on this mini landscaped piece of ground I noticed that someone had lifted four of the sixteen bricks from off the front of this berm. Lifted? Borrowed? Taken? Any way they were gone without a trace.

    Really? Someone was so desperately in need of FOUR bricks? They probably saved themselves twenty dollars from a local nursery. They took two from the middle and two from the side next to the driveway.

    I would love to know the story for the reason to take these bricks from a berm that has been by our driveway for the last eleven years. At first I couldn’t believe it then I became curious. What was the need? What was the reason? Why only four?

    Our next door neighbor used about sixteen of those same kind of bricks around a newly planted tree in their yard. My bricks when missing after theirs were already placed so there is no connection. In fact their bricks have the same shape, but a slightly different coloring. Perhaps, unbeknownst to me, there is a hot market out there for quarter round bricks of a light tan color.

    The other interesting thing is that I have more of those bricks by the front of our house, so replacements were only about fifteen feet away. I just needed to make some minor adjustments to set the replacements in their needed place.

    This irritation has caused me to ponder what other things do I have which others are envious of or in desperate need for? I hope that when I become aware of such need I will be willing to let go of those things even if their replacement would cost me more than walking fifteen feet away.

    Blessings, Pastor Randy

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