Community in Action April 29, 2021

Last week I mentioned some missing bricks on our front berm. I don’t think they had been gone long for even though their absence wasn’t readily noticeable, the unevenness of the border holding in the top bark of the berm was unmistakable when I walked by it.

    This was a surprise, but not the only surprise I noticed this last week in the berm. Periodically I have made pity purchases, those plants, usually at Lowe’s, that are 50% off or a nominal fee because they are passed their prime or are in great need of water. Really, some plants I have purchased were only parched and when set in water for a full day come back to full life.

    Anyway one of my compassionate purchases, a small plant in need of a little extra care, which I found a spot to plant in the berm next to a much larger purple blooming bush, was overshadowed and forgotten by me as the weeks have gone by.

    As I was washing the truck last week watering the berm in between sectional washing and rinsing I noticed this plant. It had amazing maroon blooms which were almost hidden because of the many other blooming plants surrounding it. It made me think of those people around me whom I may not notice at first but have amazing gifts of talent or inspiring stories or even just a calming presence in the midst of the storm.

    Everyone has a story and sometimes we need to refocus our attention away from our own concerns and listen to a story filled with wonder, beauty, and maybe even some insight which touches our own.

    I am the one who planted this blooming wonder, which was almost completely hidden by the other plants surrounding it, I had almost completely forgotten it was there. It surprised me with its beauty once I saw again. So too, people around us can surprise us with their presence or their story which will bring us a new understanding about who they are or even who we are.

    Let us not get so caught up in our everyday pattern of life that we don’t look for or even see those hidden surprises which I think God has gifted us. The wonder and beauty in this world is not just in the colors and textures we recognize in nature, but also the people God brings into our lives. Sometimes these people who will surprise us with their perseverance, their aspirations, and their insight will astound us and what they have for us will certainly enrich us.

    I hope you as well, as myself, can keep an eye out for those special hidden surprises God has for us. And may we always be grateful to the one who brought those surprises to us, perhaps when we needed it the most.

    Keeping an eye out for a hidden surprise today with you,

    Pastor Randy

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