Community in Action "Armor of God" May 1, 2020

Community in Action

Don’t leave home without it!!


    I have a question for you today. First, let me say today is the 40th day I have been writing a daily piece, except for Sundays. Forty was used often in the bible as a way to say a long time. It has been a long time, but a time filled with new insights and unexpected joys.

    Secondly, we are not sure how VBS is going to be handled this year, but I know Nancy and Kim were excited about the theme. The theme this year is The Armor of God, with a Castle and Medieval background.

    Thirdly, I started to walk out the door when I realized I had left one of my most important pieces of attire at home. I had forgotten my mask. I immediately returned to the house to pick up my mask so I could head out driving through the wilds of Dublin on my way to work.

    So my question to you today is connected to the last two points I mentioned. Whenever we go out in public, be it hiking, shopping, or a necessary errand, we are supposed to have a mask with us. Even if we are just going to our place of essential business we need to have a mask if we aren't sure we can maintain that six foot distance between all parties.

    This is the question, "What part of our armor is the mask for us?" If you aren’t sure what parts are mentioned about the armor of God then go to Ephesians chapter 6 and read about the armor of God. There is a breastplate, a shield, and a sword, to name a few.

    Tell me, after reading this section, what part of the armor of God would the mask play, as we traverse our community, as a true disciple of Jesus.

    I look forward to hearing your answers and always remember never leave home without your mask.


    Pastor Randy

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