Community in Action August 10, 2020

Yesterday we had a zoom meeting with our family.    

    It was wonderful to see the three generations together. Mazie is asleep on Ian’s forearm. evidently this is one of the few ways she is able to sleep without interruption. Joan and I were back from vacation and enjoying our conversation with the kids and grandkids. Alyssa just finished her second week working as a social worker/therapist, and Emily, Zach, Ez, and Kai were relaxing after spending 90 minutes riding around the park on their bikes.

    I am so thankful for technology when we are so far away and unable to travel to Washington and Texas due to quarantines. We at least get to see their faces and celebrate each other. Please note they didn’t know I was taking a picture so they didn’t have a chance to smile.

    What ways have you been able to benefit from this time of sheltering in place? Have you had an opportunity to reconnect with someone you haven’t talked with for a long time? If not perhaps now is the time.

    I mentioned to someone recently I was going to call them at home later and their answer was, “I will be home, I’m not going anywhere.” It reminds me of the times when I could just stop by a friend’s house because I knew they would normally be home. There used to be a time when you would just stop by to say “hi” without any previous warning.

    Another thing I have enjoyed doing is when I pass people on my walk I say “hi” whether I know them or not. More often than not they will return the greeting, even with a smile. Perhaps now is the time to make eye contact and say hello to others. I have also found that when someone starts to tell me a long story, I don’t worry about my next appointment, I have learned to listen to them in their entirety.

    Time is precious and we need to use it well, by taking time to talk with family, to greet others, and to hear each other’s stories. This is one of the great things about being in a faith community which cares for each other. It also is a great time to invite others to be connected to our faith community.

    So enjoy each other while you can. It will all pass by too quickly,


    Pastor Randy

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