Community in Action August 20, 2020

Yesterday I learned that the swimming pool is closed due to poor air quality. I was bummed, because I was scheduled to swim this morning. Since I have been back from vacation I have been trying to swim three times a week.

    They made some recent changes so as a non-resident of San Ramon I can’t sign up till two days after San Ramon residents can sign up, through Sign-Up Genius. So by the time the window for non-residents is open there is usually only a few spots open and they are usually all on one to two das.

    This means I have to check throughout the day on a daily basis to see if something is available just for that day. This is a bit nerve racking as I have to find an opening, but I have to sign up and get all my information in before the window of selection closes (that is someone else has already captured the spot before I hit enter).

    So when a spot opens I am ecstatic (little pleasures are more important as you mature). So you can imagine my disappointment when a spot I had reserved three days ago was lost due to the poor air quality in the Bay Area. I figured, and I was correct, there were no other spots open and even after checking about five times yesterday and twice already today.

    Yet, my exercise was not to be denied. I decided I would go visit some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. I decided to take a walk by the canal, like Joan and I used to do before swimming had opened up.

    The air quality wasn’t too bad this morning so it was actually quite pleasant and satisfying. I hadn’t gone too far and already I could see our theme bird for covid-19 walks about a 100 yards down the canal, an Egret. 

    But that was just the beginning. I saw a Great Blue Heron just pass the bridge we walk over and another two Egrets by the place where a tributary comes into the canal. Just before I passed those two egrets I saw three egrets flying overhead going south.

    When I was at the mile mark I saw, just before the Dublin Blvd. bridge, a Black-Crowned Night Heron. Just under the bridge I saw a Green Heron and as I was walking by it took off flying and its mate (I mean friend not female companion, I have been watching some British Television lately) followed as well.

    As I neared the aqueduct by the 580/680 interchange I saw another Egret with a Canada Goose near by, while underneath that bridge there was another Night Heron. Just passed the bridge for the turn off to Hopyard from 680 going north there was a Sandpiper with another Egret.

    On the way back I saw additional Egrets in trees and just before Amador Valley Blvd. I saw two female Night Herons. I must have seen 8-10 Egrets in all with a total of five Night Herons, a pair of Green Herons and I didn’t even mention all the Mallards which populate the canal.

    It was wonderful to get in the exercise and see all the friends I have been noticing since the beginning of our Covid-19 walks. No matter the weather, the pandemic, or even the traffic along the canal these birds remind me that life goes on, the world still turns, and God’s creation is alive and well.

    This God of ours has made an amazing world in which we journey. When we can we need to explore it and be thankful for the variety and wonder of these creatures. I hope today or tomorrow you can see something created by God and give thanks to our creator not just for this creation, but for ourselves.

    You are His beloved and God longs to share with you all the beauty and wonder that surrounds us in this world.


    Pastor Randy

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