Community in Action August 26, 2020

Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise;

his greatness no one can fathom.

Psalm 145:3

    So, I bet you thought you were going to get a way without a little soliloquy from me today, but I was just a bit distracted. Distracted in a good way. I had a bit of a euphoric experience this morning. See, even the big words are coming out of my fingers today because I am so ecstatic about this morning.

    This morning I got to go swimming again, for the first time in six days. I had reservations Saturday and Monday, but because of the smoke, the unbreathable air, the particulate saturated atmosphere they kept shutting down the pools in San Ramon.

    Since we don’t have air conditioning at home the time at the office and in the pool is always very refreshing besides, at the pool at least, being energizing. Sunday was a really hard day as we had the days behind us with all the cancellations and the forecast for Monday wasn’t very hopeful.

    Of course with the fewer times for swimming that meant the openings, what few they had, were gobbled up before my fingers could fly over the keys. It was frustrating and a bit despairing that little relief was in sight.

    But today both Joan and I got to go swimming at 7:00 am, she at Dougherty Valley High School and myself at California High School. Once there I did have to wait for the Master’s Class folks to finish their workout and they don’t build in any margins into their swim time. The lane I was assigned had a person who didn’t get out of the pool till exactly at 7:00 am, which is fine, it just meant I had to jump right in to begin my mile swim, no dawdling this morning.

    The only other obstacle for me was that my lane was the farthest away from the clock today. This meant when I wanted to check on my time, I couldn’t. You see I figure it takes me six minutes or less to do ten laps, so when I forget what lap I am on I can always figure it out by checking how much time has past. So today I just had to count my laps hoping I wouldn’t forget, but then I always do more than a mile just to make sure I get that distance in. Seventy-two laps, plus an extra couple to just make sure.

    When I knew I was nearing the end of my time I asked the person next to me, as she was getting out, what time it was. It was 7:50, she said, which is the time we are supposed to stop. So I was just a little over my time limit which mean I sped the final lap to my entry point.

    So today, began as a great day and it hasn’t stopped yet. We had a good staff meeting and prayed for each other, people mentioned on the prayer chain, and all those who are being buffeted by the winds of fire encroachment, social unrest, and overall difficult times. We ended our prayer time with acknowledgment that we have an amazing God and we long to worship our God in the courtyard of this church on Sunday. I hope you can join us.

    Today I can affirm God is good and I look forward to more days ahead with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love.


    Pastor Randy

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