Community in Action August 27, 2020

Relief and Thanksgiving

    It is so great to breathe again. What a difference from week to week for the bay area. Not only has the heat dissipated, but the smoke is slowly clearing. Swimming, walking, and other outside activities are back.

    It is so good to remember that when all that seems so dark and dismal at some moment will pass. Today is a reminder that God never abandons us. In the midst of the storm, though Jesus may be sleeping in the boat, God will watch over us, calm the sea, and bring us home.

    Now is the time to celebrate God’s faithfulness in our lives, when we see the light and the good around us. It is like when the rainbow comes out after the storm, that is the time to acknowledge it is God who protected us and provided for us even during the rain, the wind and the lightening.

    Acknowledging and celebrating God’s faithfulness is like adding another layer of paint to our walls. It is an additional protection from a fading or deteriorating panel. As we continue on in life there will be times again when the darkness creeps in or the tasks seem overwhelming, but just as God has seen us through this time so God will see us through that time as well.

    As I reflect over the years of my life it seems that whatever curves or turns I had to travel there was always a guardrail that kept me on the path. When I started to stray it was like God was that series of road bumps that jostled me awake when I slowly veer into the next lane.

    So now is the time to again acknowledge that God is watching over us. Now is the time again to give praise and thanks that God never left us nor forsook is. It is easy to just move on with our lives without recognizing God’s participation in our life, with out honoring the one who put us on earth in the first place, but I believe our God has chosen us to be part of his flock and he does not leave that flock unattended.

    So today at some point say a prayer of thanksgiving to the God who holds you in the palm of his hand. And if you aren’t out of the woods yet remember those times God has brought you through to the other side. Remember those times God has ushered you into the meadow of lush grass and delicate wildflowers with birds singing his praises.

    If we move forward in faith we can only go deeper in and further up towards the time when his kingdom will come here on earth. There is a time coming when all will acknowledge the grandeur of God and peace, love, and joy will reign in our midst.

    Blessings to you as we walk this journey together,

    Pastor Randy

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