Community in Action August 28, 2020

There is nothing like a good clean out. I find that sometimes when I get frustrated with trying to decide what to do first in my long list of tasks a good straightening up of my desk is always helpful. By ‘“straightening up” I mean pitching, that is going through the piles and chucking that which I haven’t touched in a week or haven’t open to read in a month or am no longer interested in the subject.

    You see I have the desire, this longing, this curiosity to learn new things. This is a good and usually healthy trait, but the problem is sometimes I don’t know where to draw the boundary lines. Sure I would love to read about sailing, but I don’t have a boat, time, nor place to go sailing. I would really like to learn Aramaic, you know the language which Jesus spoke, but I need to try to keep up on my Greek and Hebrew just to read and study what I need to know for each Sunday. I still have an ukulele in the corner of my bedroom. I was doing well learning a few chords and was looking forward to singing “Wonderful World” with a group sometime, but I had to clean the dust off of it two weeks ago before I could put it back in the corner.

    So there comes a time when I have to say no more books to be bought, no more articles to cut out, no more new interests, at least until the new month starts. I have enough to read, learn, and study for now.

    I also love to listen to music and especially musicals, Hamilton has been the latest obsession. But then it is hard to concentrate on reading or writing or even thinking when listening to that music. So for now I am turning off youtube, I have cleaned off the desk, and I have thrown away the book catalogs.

    Now I am focusing on the remaining chapters of Philippians which we will finish come October. Next week I will need to consider where do we go next as we continue to read, study, and find new ways to apply our learning of scripture to our daily walk on this earth.

    I also plan to take a break with a murder mystery now and then and will continue to educate myself regarding racism. The mystery is entertaining and the books on racism are urgent for me now.

    So as you decide your next steps, be they many or few, I hope you will find something meaningful to do, something healthy to do, and something enjoyable to do this weekend.

    We are called to press on, but as God is Lord over all so we are called to delight in our time here on earth. Let us not take ourselves too seriously.

    Have a pleasant evening,

    Pastor Randy

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