Community in Action August 5, 2020

Today was a sad day for me. Again I woke up in the forest with clean, clear, crisp air. I looked forward to swimming in the lake, eating out on the deck, and even starting another puzzle, hopefully it won’t take two weeks like the last one. Yet this morning I had to loosen the jaws of a closed trap to free the body of the mouse it had caught.

    Yes, even though we get to watch the chipmunks and squirrels fill their cheeks with seed and nuts and scamper from tree to tree, we prefer the rodents to stay outside of the cabin. If the mice go unchecked they build nests in your furniture, they eat holes in your bags of cereal, and leave gifts all over the counter that are smaller than raisins.

    This does not work well for all who use the family cabin during the summer. So two days ago I set a couple of traps. We heard one go last night, but it was empty, which did not make me sad. But this morning behind the stove one of the furry creatures met its demise.

    So today begins as a sad day, but already I am enjoying the forest outside watching, again, the chipmunks play and I am doing some writing before the full day begins. So today looks like it will be a good day.

    How is your day going? Did you have some things which made you sad? Do you have things which made you glad? I think it is very important to acknowledge those times, and sometimes days, when we feel sad. It is not a happy feeling, but it is part of our life.

    I also think when we experience sadness it helps us be more thankful for those days when we feel glad. I am grateful for this family cabin, this place of rest and respite. I am grateful for the forest which surrounds this place and all the creatures we get to watch in nature.

    Yesterday I walked outside and there were Canada geese in the small meadow outside the cabin. Later when we went to swim last evening there were ducks waddling along the shore, there were osprey soaring through the air, and a murmur of a scattering of people along the shore.

    As the sun slowly set the colors changed in the sky and on the water. A softness descended on the beach and trees along the path. Quietness surrounded us as we walked back from our swim and we settled into the cabin to finish our puzzle with a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate.

    So today I look forward to swimming again, greeting a few masked folks along our path, and visiting with the owners of the local coffee kiosk. I also will continue to read some profound words from Calvin, explore some other books I have on theology, and share with Joan about my insights about life and faith and listen to her thoughts as well.

    I hope no matter how you day started today, sad or glad, I hope that you will end with something for which you can say you are grateful.


    Pastor Randy

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