Community in Action August 6, 2020

So today the mouse trap was not in its usual place being the couch. Joan said she had heard it go off about 5 am this morning, but when I looked for it, it wasn’t there. After I got up this morning I pulled the couch out, I opened up the hide-a-bed, and moved the forty year old leather chair, no mouse trap to be found. Then I moved the second coach and I heard a rattling sound. Ah, I think I knew where it might be.

    My brother-in-law and I tipped over the couch, since it was so close to the ground you couldn’t see under it, and there it was, with a mouse still in it. The mouse, much to his/her consternation, had their front right leg trapped, but the rest of the body seemed fine.

    Not being in survival mode, winner takes all and death to the losers, I lifted the trap and mouse from its place of hiding, took it out to the forest, and set it free. It scampered away, on all fours.

    We had only seen two mice when we got here, one gone to the great mouse hole in the sky yesterday and the other into the forest to inhabit some other place.

    I felt sad yesterday when we caught one, its neck was broken, being obviously dead. Today I felt better I was be able to rid his compatriot from our cabin, by liberating it to roam again. This felt very gratifying.

    I think God is not so much a trapper as a finder and liberator. So many times we get into predicaments, many of our making, and we need to be set free, liberated. We are liberated not to get ourselves into new predicaments, but liberated to live our life more fully. Sometimes we carry those scars or wounds from a previous incident, but the wonderful thing about God is not only will he set us free, but God will also heal those past wounds.

    Sometimes it takes work through earthly helpers, like therapists or informal counselors like friends. Sometimes it takes months if not years to find away to recover and make a new life. But I think God longs for us to be made as whole as we can be in this life.

    So no matter what past you carry with you God is with us as comforter, healer, and new-life giver. God will help you face those tragedies, God will help you learn from your mistakes, and God will bring good things out of all those difficulties.

    So press on. True the prize is not here on this earth, but God longs for us to become as whole, as holy (set apart to live fully) as we can be here. God longs to welcome us home some day and to be able to say “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Let us not grow weary but continue the race knowing that it is not so much what we have done, but who we are becoming. And this is not because of our amazing accomplishments, but because of whose we are, children of the most high, almighty, magnificent, God.

    Seeking wholeness and full liberation with you,

    Pastor Randy

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