Community in Action August 8, 2020

It will be hard to leave our friends here in the forest today. It seems we have developed a symbiotic relationship with the chipmunks, squirrels, and blue jays around the cabin this week. When we first came we would see one or two of the chipmunks run across the yard seeking shelter from even just a quick glance from us.

    Now as we sit around the campfire pit they leap, frolic, and fill their cheeks with birdseed we have scattered around the yard. This morning the bird feeder that rarely had a bird even by it till about three days ago had five bluejays squawking and squabbling around it. The squirrels who would scramble up the tree trunks, jump onto close by branches now lay on the deck peering at us as we look at our phones, bask in the sun, or just sit with a warm cup of tea or coffee in our hands.

    I feel like these new friends will be sorely missed when we enter back into the quarantined life we find in the Tri-Valley. I am sure the mice will be glad we are gone, at least the one still roaming the brush with an injured front leg.

    This is in some ways like any place you frequent over time, the people who congregate around that place become silent partners of your life. There are certain baristas I would recognize on the street, but I am certain if I spoke to them they wouldn’t recognize me, but when I enter Starbucks or Petes and see them it brings a warm sense of familiarity, a feeling of security, almost a sense of home.

    So perhaps this is how it is here on earth for us. We know our years are limited here on this soil, especially compared to the centuries which have already rolled by as the world ages and people come and go. Yet I marvel at the things which have become familiar, places, people, sights and sounds of nature. I can only be thankful for all that has become a silent companion along this journey.

    I hope some day we can all acknowledge those things and those people who have become our friends and give God our thanks for a journey varied and populated with good things. It is truly amazing this time we have been given on this earth.

    So, let us wake this morning with grateful hearts and speak our gratitude to those around us who accompany us on our journey.

    May we be grateful in the midst of these trying times,

    Pastor Randy

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