Community in Action "Bless All People" April 1, 2020

Stepping up. I am overwhelmed by the acknowledgement, kindness, and sacrifice I see and hear about on a daily basis. Today as I was listening to the radio a financial advisor was being interviewed. The topic was the up to $1,200 bailout check from the government for those who are filing their federal income tax forms.

    She was asked what people should do with this money. Her suggestion was to use it for necessities. Don’t use it for rent or bills on loans, but for the necessities you have in your life. She also mentioned that since this is the amount everyone is given no matter what their circumstance if you don’t need it right now perhaps set it aside for use later. If you are doing okay and you don’t think you will need it at all, then pass it on.

    A national broadcast interviewee was saying use this money if you need it, but if you don’t share it with someone who does need it. She even said, “Now more than ever we need to realize we are our brother’s or sister’s keeper.” We are called to help our neighbor, be they on the same block, in the same town, or across the border.

    I couldn’t help think of God’s mandate to Abraham that he was called to the bless the nations. The new family which Abraham was starting was not to sequester itself behind closed doors, but was called to live in such as way as to bless all people, Genesis 12:1-3. The greatness that God was promising to Abraham was not just for the Jewish nation, but for the entire world.

    When will we learn that we are all in this together. This advisor ended her talk with this same statement. This is not just one country’s fight, this is an enemy which we all need to help eradicate. This is a threat not just to our specific community, but it is a global threat.

    God didn’t just love us here in the US, but God loved the world that he sent his son to bring us redemption and life that is everlasting. Let’s continue this care, concern, and compassion for all, and every neighbor. And to God be the glory. Amen.

Blessings, Pastor Randy


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